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Turnkey Theatre’s newest production is ” a gothic choose-your-own-adventure play” called IRIS & THE AXE . Running from Oct 1 – 31st is a perfect Halloween season show. Director and writer Katie Turner, actress Marisa Taylor Scott, and sound designer Andrew Gutierrez all talk about how they went about creating this show. … Continue readingMaking IRIS & THE AXE


THE DROWNING GIRLS at OnStage Playhouse is a compelling look at the true story of the “Brides in the Bath Murders.” In this one act play three ghostly brides tell their tales and reflect on how love and marriage don’t always equal a happily ever after…especially if you marry a serial killer. THE DROWNING GIRLS is dramatic, funny, wistful, and an indictment of a society that offers little to no opportunity for women to lead their own lives and is playing through September 26th. … Continue readingTHE DROWNING GIRLS


HAIR feels like a fitting show to open after the extended theatre shut down; it’s full of hope, rage, protests, and the desire to make change happen. The Old Globe brings back this musical with an incredibly talented cast who have outstanding vocals, and direction that shows how relevant the show’s themes still are today. HAIR is playing at The Old Globe through October 3rd. … Continue readingHAIR