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EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE quickly became one of the most successful new musicals in years conquering the hearts of West End theatre-goers. Now the film adaption of the musical will be premiering on Friday, September 17th on Amazon Prime Video. Writer Tom MacRae talks about what it was like to create the show and then go back to adapt it to film, and what audiences can expect from this amazing new cast and soundtrack. … Continue readingTom MacRae on writing EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE

James P. Darvas talks THE DROWNING GIRLS

hat has opened to great reviews for cast and crew. Director James P. Darvas talks about how he came to choose this show, the creative joys, and the challenges of a show with subject matter fit for Halloween where the performers emerge from bathtubs and stay soaking wet for the entire show. … Continue readingJames P. Darvas talks THE DROWNING GIRLS


Teatro San Diego debuts their inaugural show, SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD streaming August 5th – 15th. Staying true to their founding mission of a more accurate representation on stage of what is happening in the world, this show connects these characters and songs through the unique and timely perspective of current events. The cast of this show talk about their characters and their favorite moments working together … Continue readingSONGS FOR A NEW WORLD

Kayden Phoenix on A LA BRAVA comics

Kayden Phoenix is a multifaceted talent; a writer, director, producer, and creator of the A LA BRAVA Latina superhero universe. You can just look at her website to see the awards her work has been nominated for and won. She has worked to increase visibility and representation for Latina artists in the entertainment industry, and decided to do the same by creating a dynamic Latina superhero universe with A LA BRAVA. … Continue readingKayden Phoenix on A LA BRAVA comics