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Interview with Harter Clingman, who plays police officer Oz Fudge in COME FROM AWAY. He talks about what it’s like to perform this show, the real-life people they portray on stage, and bringing the show back to San Diego.  COME FROM AWAY is playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre from Broadway San Diego from May 17th- to May 22nd. … Continue readingHARTER CLINGMAN brings COME FROM AWAY back to San Diego

TOOTSIE The Musical

TOOTSIE the musical brings an old-fashioned musical to life based on the movie of the same name from 1982. The show offers up a talented cast, physical comedy, and some updates to the story, but can’t fully disguise a problematic premise under comedy, costumes, and choreography. TOOTSIE is playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre through Sunday, April 17th. … Continue readingTOOTSIE The Musical

Jahlil Burke talks about THE CHOIR OF MAN

Jahlil Burke and THE CHOIR OF MAN want to welcome you to The Jungle. That’s the name of the on-stage pub the show is set in with nine men all eager to have a pint and sing a song. Jahlil talks about the camaraderie of being on the road, the music mix that’s sure to have you singing along, and how the show makes it ok to be vulnerable. THE CHOIR OF MAN is playing at the Balboa Theatre on February 24th at 7:30pm. … Continue readingJahlil Burke talks about THE CHOIR OF MAN

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas

Mannheim Steamroller is such an indelible part of the winter and holiday season that I bet one of their songs is running through your heard right now, just from reading their name. This group’s iconic sound, energetic performances, and passionate fan base mean that seeing them live is something you will never forget. Lead musician Roxanne Layton talks about the joy of touring, her favorite parts of performing, and bringing Mannheim Steamroller Christmas to San Diego for a performance on December 30th at the San Diego Civic Theatre. … Continue readingMannheim Steamroller Christmas