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Mannheim Steamroller Christmas

Mannheim Steamroller is such an indelible part of the winter and holiday season that I bet one of their songs is running through your heard right now, just from reading their name. This group’s iconic sound, energetic performances, and passionate fan base mean that seeing them live is something you will never forget. Lead musician Roxanne Layton talks about the joy of touring, her favorite parts of performing, and bringing Mannheim Steamroller Christmas to San Diego for a performance on December 30th at the San Diego Civic Theatre. … Continue readingMannheim Steamroller Christmas

HAIRSPRAY at Broadway San Diego

Broadway San Diego could not have opened with a show that had more energy, such amazing vocals, or felt more timely than with HAIRSPRAY.  The musical sparkles with talent, humor, and of course a lot of sequins to bring an incredibly entertaining show to the San Diego Civic Theatre through November 21st that you don’t want to miss! … Continue readingHAIRSPRAY at Broadway San Diego


You know what’s great about interviewing “The Mentalist” Chris Cox from THE ILLUSIONISTS-LIVE FROM BROADWAY? As a mind reader, it makes him an incredibly easy interview since he already knows what is going to be asked! Chris Cox is a part of a world-renowned THEContinue readingInterview with Chris Cox of THE ILLUSIONISTS – LIVE FROM BROADWAY