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All the worlds a stage


The Old Globe’s new podcast COCKTAILS WITH THE CANON and its two fun, charismatic, and incredibly smart co-hosts Lamar Perry and Danielle Mages Amato are your new best theatre friends. I had a chance to chat with them both about this new podcast, the topics they cover, and why they wanted to create a podcast that invited imagination to collectively dream of what the future holds for American Theatre … Continue readingCOCKTAILS WITH THE CANON


It may be said that “Art imitates life” but one never hopes that their life imitates art, especially something akin to a Shakespearian tragedy. Yet, Brenda Adelman presents her one-woman show MY BROOKLYN HAMLET, which follows the way her life parallels HAMLET and shaped her childhood and life as an artist. Scripps Ranch Theatre and Oceanside Theatre Company are co-producing this streaming show, available through May 2nd. … Continue readingMY BROOKLYN HAMLET