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The high cost of ADMISSIONS

ADMISSIONS, now playing at OnStage Playhouse through Feb 27th looks at the hype and hypocrisy of the American education system and the smug, well-meaning, and wealthy liberals that promote diversity but not at a personal cost.  This deliberately provocative play is performed by a strong cast and is funny, intriguing, and infuriating. … Continue readingThe high cost of ADMISSIONS


DESPERATE MEASURES turns one of Shakespeare’s “problem play’s” MEASURE OF MEASURE, into a madcap musical melodrama that will leave you laughing. Gunslingers to Governors, Sheriff’s to Saloon Girls, and Priests to Postulants, this musical has a variety of characters up to zany hijinks for you to enjoy through February 12th at North Coast Repertory Theatre. … Continue readingDESPERATE MEASURES