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New Village Arts Flower Fields Cabaret series

In celebration of their 20 year anniversary of live theatre New Village Arts brings you live, outdoor entertainment in residency with The Flower Fields in Carlsbad!  The Flower Fields 20th Anniversary Cabaret series, which is running through May 9th offers a different cabaret series each weekend.  … Continue readingNew Village Arts Flower Fields Cabaret series

I AND YOU and Walt Whitman too

Review of I AND YOU at MOXIE Theatre, streaming through March 28th. It’s not every day that a stranger introduces themselves by barging into your room while quoting poetry, but it is how Anthony introduces himself to Caroline in MOXIE’s I AND YOU. Despite this meet-cute moment, he comes bearing homework; a last-minute homework project that they’ve been assigned on a Walt Whitman poem. The play written by Lauren Gunderson follows their conversation and friendship as both deepen over the course of the assignment as they contemplate life, love, longing, and loneliness…you know, typical teenage discussions. … Continue readingI AND YOU and Walt Whitman too