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James P. Darvas talks THE DROWNING GIRLS

hat has opened to great reviews for cast and crew. Director James P. Darvas talks about how he came to choose this show, the creative joys, and the challenges of a show with subject matter fit for Halloween where the performers emerge from bathtubs and stay soaking wet for the entire show. … Continue readingJames P. Darvas talks THE DROWNING GIRLS

Rita Moreno

o has captured audiences attention since the moment she first graced the screen in her teens, and hasn’t stopped being a powerhouse since.  The documentary RITA MORENO: JUST A GIRL WHO DECIDED TO GO FOR IT is a fascinating look at Moreno’s roller coaster life, including struggles with self-esteem, sexual assault, and abusive relationships, the movie offers a look what success and happiness look like after a tremendous seven decade career.  … Continue readingRita Moreno


The Old Globe’s new podcast COCKTAILS WITH THE CANON and its two fun, charismatic, and incredibly smart co-hosts Lamar Perry and Danielle Mages Amato are your new best theatre friends. I had a chance to chat with them both about this new podcast, the topics they cover, and why they wanted to create a podcast that invited imagination to collectively dream of what the future holds for American Theatre … Continue readingCOCKTAILS WITH THE CANON

Callie Prendiville directs I AND YOU at MOXIE Theatre

“As we entered quarantine, suddenly this play about a girl stuck at home in her room unable to attend school in person seemed like an obvious choice.”
Interview with I AND YOU Director Callie Prendiville on what it’s like working on a theatrical piece that is being filmed, and why this play seems like such an obvious choice for the time of quarantine. I AND YOU is playing through March 28th … Continue readingCallie Prendiville directs I AND YOU at MOXIE Theatre

Dear ONE: An interview with Josh Irving Gershick

“Then and now, all beings seek connection. And we do that with the media available to us.” Interview with writer & director, Josh Irving Gershick about how the audiocast of DEAR ONE: LOVE & LONGING IN MID-CENTURY QUEER AMERICA for Diversionary Theatre came together. … Continue readingDear ONE: An interview with Josh Irving Gershick