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PUFFS Comic Con exclusive special event!

 Theatre fans and pop culture have always had a passionate fan base overlap, and nowhere can that be seen and celebrated more than this Comic Con weekend! Fenix Theatre Collaborative not only brings PUFFS to stage this weekend through Aug 13th but to correspond with Comic Con this weekend some alumni from the original PUFFS cast will be at the Saturday, July 22nd show! … Continue readingPUFFS Comic Con exclusive special event!

TOOTSIE The Musical

TOOTSIE the musical brings an old-fashioned musical to life based on the movie of the same name from 1982. The show offers up a talented cast, physical comedy, and some updates to the story, but can’t fully disguise a problematic premise under comedy, costumes, and choreography. TOOTSIE is playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre through Sunday, April 17th. … Continue readingTOOTSIE The Musical

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas

Mannheim Steamroller is such an indelible part of the winter and holiday season that I bet one of their songs is running through your heard right now, just from reading their name. This group’s iconic sound, energetic performances, and passionate fan base mean that seeing them live is something you will never forget. Lead musician Roxanne Layton talks about the joy of touring, her favorite parts of performing, and bringing Mannheim Steamroller Christmas to San Diego for a performance on December 30th at the San Diego Civic Theatre. … Continue readingMannheim Steamroller Christmas


EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE quickly became one of the most successful new musicals in years conquering the hearts of West End theatre-goers. Now the film adaption of the musical will be premiering on Friday, September 17th on Amazon Prime Video. Writer Tom MacRae talks about what it was like to create the show and then go back to adapt it to film, and what audiences can expect from this amazing new cast and soundtrack. … Continue readingTom MacRae on writing EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE


your name becomes bigger than yourself.  Do you really know who that is or what it is?  Alvin Ailey, You see a name but I don’t see a man.”  This observation by Carmen De Lavallade, a dancer and choreographer, is not just a poignant observation but also a good way to describe the documentary “Ailey” that looks at the life of dance legend Alvin Ailey.  “Ailey ” focuses on what made him the dancer and choreographer that he is, but is more enigmatic with details on the man behind the legend.  “Ailey” premieres nationwide August 6th. … Continue readingAiley

Rita Moreno

o has captured audiences attention since the moment she first graced the screen in her teens, and hasn’t stopped being a powerhouse since.  The documentary RITA MORENO: JUST A GIRL WHO DECIDED TO GO FOR IT is a fascinating look at Moreno’s roller coaster life, including struggles with self-esteem, sexual assault, and abusive relationships, the movie offers a look what success and happiness look like after a tremendous seven decade career.  … Continue readingRita Moreno

Kayden Phoenix on A LA BRAVA comics

Kayden Phoenix is a multifaceted talent; a writer, director, producer, and creator of the A LA BRAVA Latina superhero universe. You can just look at her website to see the awards her work has been nominated for and won. She has worked to increase visibility and representation for Latina artists in the entertainment industry, and decided to do the same by creating a dynamic Latina superhero universe with A LA BRAVA. … Continue readingKayden Phoenix on A LA BRAVA comics