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HAMILTON is back at Broadway San Diego

It can seem a reasonable question to ask of a musical that was so explosively popular that it dominated music charts, history lessons, current-day politics, and social issues all at once – now that some time has passed, is it worth the hype? Well, the touring production of HAMILTON now playing at Broadway San Diego through November 20th yes, the hype is real and it is worth being in the “room where it happens.”

Photo Credit: The national touring production of HAMILTON Courtesy of Joan Marcus
Photo Credit: The national touring production of HAMILTON Courtesy of Joan Marcus

For anyone who isn’t familiar, the musical follows the founding Fathers and the revolution through the eyes of gifted immigrant Alexander Hamilton (DeAundre Woods) who came to America looking for new opportunities to build up the country and himself into something more. He meets Aaron Burr (Ellis C. Dawson III) who is both an inspiration in how quickly he finished school, and also a perpetual, languid thorn in the energetic and bombastic Hamilton’s side.

Other famous founding fathers appear as Washington (Tré Frazier), Mulligan/Madison (Brandon Louis Armstrong in dual roles), Lafayette/Jefferson (Paris Nix in dual roles), and John Laurens ( Andy Tofa) help battle for the coin try and shape it afterward.

Along the way Hamilton meets the Schuyler sisters Angelica (Charlotte Mary Wen) who captures his intellect and Eliza (Morgan Anita Wood) who captures his heart. Peggy and Maria Reynolds (both played by Rebecca E. Covington) capture him in an entirely different manner.

It’s a testament to the consistently high-quality casting process that the show with its complicated and layered music by Li-Manuel Miranda, musical orchestration by Alex Lacamoire, and sharp and energetic choreography by Andy Blakenbuehler is still as good as it was when it first came through San Diego.

The difference is that the cast feels like they have a bit more room to breathe, and have some fun this time around.

Woods brings the boyish charm to Hamilton, while Woods was an apprehensive Burr who exploded with drive in “The Room Where It Happens.” Wen is a strong Angelica, especially in “Satisfied”, while Wood is a sweet Eliza.

Nix and Armstrong have an excellent banter as Jefferson and Madison, while Frazier’s Washington is very much still a soldier willing to fight as he builds into the statesman we think of now.

There were many covers of roles the night I saw it, but to point out who was an understudy is unnecessary, and judging by the wild applause from the audience it didn’t matter.

How To Get Tickets

HAMILTON is playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre by Broadway San Diego through November 20th. For ticket and show time information go to

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