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PUFFS Comic Con exclusive special event!

 Theatre fans and pop culture have always had a passionate fan base overlap, and nowhere can that be seen and celebrated more than this Comic Con weekend! Fenix Theatre Collaborative not only brings PUFFS to stage this weekend through Aug 13th but to correspond with Comic Con this weekend some alumni from the original PUFFS cast will be at the Saturday, July 22nd show!

The show, PUFFS, OR SEVEN INCREASINGLY EVENTFUL YEARS AT A CERTAIN SCHOOL OF MAGIC AND MAGIC written by Matt cox successfully ran in New York off-Broadway. Fenix Theatre Collaborative was able to have the show make its West Coast premiere a few years ago (when the company was formerly The Eastern) and it is thrilled to bring the show back with its current talented cast and to have some original cast members to San Diego audiences for a one night only special meet and greet opportunity.

Photo Credit: Fenix Theatre Collaborative

A retelling of Harry Potter’s adventures at Hogwarts told from the Hufflepuff perspective PUFFS brings all of the magic, friendship, and hijinx that people know and love from the series, with the addition of extra comedy and group hugs.

On Saturday, July 23rd the 6pm show will have some extra magic when the Fenix Theatre Collaborative will be hosting the original Broadway Puffs team for a talk/back Q&A and meet and greet!

The original team in attendance for this special event includes Matt cox (Author), Zac Moon (Wayne), Langston Belton (Oliver), Madeleine Buddy (Susie/Harry/Costumes & sets) Stephen Stout (Ernie etc), Andy Miller (Leanne) and Nick Carrillo (J Finch etc).

Justin Slagle the Managing Artistic Director of Fenix Theatre collaborative says that performing PUFFS previously was such a positive impact on both the cast and the audiences he was excited to bring that back to San Diego.

In 2019 we saw firsthand the impact that PUFFS had on everyone who came in contact with the show. A story for the rest of us, those who aren’t the heroes.PUFFS shows us that all of our stories matter and all of us belong.”

San Diego Comic-Con is also a perfect opportunity to bring the magic of PUFFS to the stage, for Potter fans, or theatre fans. The best part about San Diego Comic-Con is discovering new things to delight in, and if you’ve never been to the theatre this may be the perfect show for them to experience. Slagle says that this timing has always been in the works, and the theatre is excited to finally have the opportunity to do it after COVID delays.

We are so excited to continue to work with the original off-broadway team and even expand and grow those relationships. It is almost unbelievable that many members of the original cast who created these characters that we know and love will be joining us on Saturday the 23rd in our little house near the kitchen, and we are equally as excited to continue to work to make Puffs a San Diego tradition.”

Playwright Matt Cox is also excited to be a part of this special PUFFS Fenix Theatre and Comic-Con cross-over event.

“It brings me so much joy that PUFFS is poised to be a part of many fans’ Comic-Con weekend this year and beyond. We always hoped the show would act as a sort of celebration for the fandom, and the annual production in San Diego is a perfect place for such a celebration to happen. We’re excited to be there too! And probably with some large ill-advised purchases inside our tote bags.”

So dress in your house colors, grab your wands, bring your purchases from the Comic-Con floor and celebrate with Fenix Theatre Collaborative at PUFFS, OR SEVEN INCREASINGLY EVENTFUL YEARS AT A CERTAIN SCHOOL OF MAGIC AND MAGIC.

How To Get Tickets

PUFFS: OR SEVEN INCREASINGLY EVENTFUL YEARS AT A CERTAIN SCHOOL OF MAGIC AND MAGIC from Fenix Theatre Collaborative is playing at the Tenth Street theatre through August 13th. For ticket and show time information go to

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