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The Second City’s SHE THE PEOPLE has brought a cadre of comedic women to the San Diego Repertory Theatre who will make you laugh and then want to go out and try to change the world. Entirely created, designed, and performed by the women of this world-famous comedy institution it proves that the future is female and very funny. SHE THE PEOPLE is playing through December 5th.


Nothing is off-limits for this cast which includes Lexi Alioto, Kennedy Baldwin, Katie Caussin, Kazi Jones, Yazmin Ramos, Laurel Zoff Pelton, and Music Director Elise Wattman.

If you are someone who feels the word “feminist” is aggressive or off-putting then this show is not for you. In fact, as the intro as the lights go down warns that at this production “photography and misogyny are strictly prohibited.” The show is a high-energy mixture of sketches, music numbers, audience participation, and quick comedic moments between scenes. All take a pointed look at some of the different experiences being a woman in this world can provide. From brunch, babies, and battling the patriarchy, nothing is off-limits for these funny women.

One sketch explores the absolute nightmare it must be as a woman in television commercials; from cleaning products, viagra, shampoo, and more. Another is about how sideways corporate Diversity Training can go in a corporation that is more interested in congratulating themselves on having the training than on changing any behaviors.

There’s a lot of audience participation -one that particularly stood out was a game show called “You Oughta Know ” which highlighted which questions we as a society can answer quickly and correctly and it’s probably not the items that we really oughta know.

Another is a play on the often comedy gatekeeping question, ” Are women funny?”

The cast keeps the energy and the pacing up, so the time will fly by and leave you laughing, and prove that the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”

How To Get Tickets

SHE THE PEOPLE is playing San Diego Repertory Theatre through December 5th. For ticket and showtime information go to

All audience members are required to show proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test (not to exceed three days) and be masked the entire time inside the building.

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