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If you’re looking for some comedy to cut through the holiday sweetness that takes over this season, then FOR WHOM THE SOUTHERN BELLE TOLLS by The Roustabouts Theatre Co is the show for you. This talented cast presents a one-act of short comedic playlets that are sure to entertain. FOR WHOM THE SOUTHERN BELLE TOLLS is running through December 4th.

The cast of  FOR WHOM THE SOUTHERN BELLE TOLLS  Photo by Rich Soublet
The cast of FOR WHOM THE SOUTHERN BELLE TOLLS Photo by Rich Soublet

Christopher Durang is a playwright who writes delightfully deranged characters and situations, with rapid-fire dialog and it requires a cast who can be as zany and committed as the material demands. Roustabouts Theatre has that cast in Omri Schein, Wendy Maples, Walter Murray, and Wendy Waddell, all of whom do not hold back for any of the characters they portray.

The show is made up of a variety of playlets, longer and more in-depth than a scene or a skit, but short enough to build into a 90-minute show without intermission. They are all funny, fast-moving, and over the top, both in character and how each plot escalates.

The beauty of the multiple playlets is that each cast member gets a moment to shine. From a twisted take on a classic play to a bored married couple who get a guest from hell, a playwright who takes a lunch meeting with an LA producer with terrible new movie ideas, to a lady dealing with life by too much plastic surgery and the eternal quandary “death or lunch?”

Wendy Maples is the energetic guest from hell as an ex-girlfriend from high school who drops by years after breaking up, to see her old boyfriend and his wife. Maples is fantastically funny with a manic energy that is a perfect foil for Wendy Waddell who plays the suffering wife who’s slowly losing her mind the longer her unwanted guest hangs around.

Omri Schein takes on a twisted version of THE GLASS MENAGERIE, in the title story. Instead of Laura, Schein is now Lawrence, who has many ailments, is terrified of people, and cherishes his beloved collection of glass cocktail stirrers. Walter Murray is also very funny as brother Tom, who keeps going to the movies only to bring back sailors who have “missed their boat”  to stay back to his room. You don’t need to be familiar with MENAGERIE to find it funny, but it will be funnier if you do know the references it’s making.

Not every story is as strong as the others, but the cast is strong throughout and keeps the absurdities and laughs coming. Directed by Phil Johnson, he keeps everything moving at a quick pace, while also embracing the insanity and flamboyance that is Durang’s unique brand of comedy.

How to get Tickets

FOR WHOM THE SOUTHERN BELLE TOLLS by The Roustabouts Theatre Co is playing through December 4th. The theatre for the show is located at MOXIE Theatre, 6663 El Cajon Blvd., Suite N, San Diego 92115. For ticket and specific showtime information go to

COVID-19 protocols, including required proof of vaccination, masks are worn the entire time in the theatre, and no admittance of children under 12, will be followed.

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