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Talking to Marilu Henner, even over the phone, is like getting a direct shot of sunshine. So it’s easy to imagine how amazing the full force of that energy and focus will be on November 15th and 16th when she’s doing her show MUSIC AND MEMORIES at North Coast Repertory Theatre.

Marilu Henner
Marilu Henner

You may know Marilu Henner from her amazing career that includes Broadway shows, television, movies, writing, and more. You may even know her as someone with a superpower memory, officially named highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM), which means she can recall past events with near-photographic detail. That means her show is jam-packed full of memories and music which makes for a memorable show even for those of us without her superpower.

As one of a hundred people in the world with this superpower, Henner has found a fun way to explain it to her audiences using a format written by her brother Lorin Henner. (no I won’t spoil it) and set the tone for the evening.

“I call it MUSIC AND MEMORIES because right off the bat I tell people what kind of memory I have. It’s sort of an autobiographical journey throughout my entire life because I’ve had an unusual upbringing, was in the first version of GREASE ever, and as I say I talk about my kids, my family, my career, and my three husbands, so they’re all covered! Dancing with the Stars as well!”

One memory that was so much fun to learn (and is seasonally fitting) is that even though Henner personally hasn’t eaten turkey since 1980, she once won a turkey cook-off, beating even famed Iron Chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck!

“I actually won a turkey off, I beat the Butterball turkey lady, someone who was deep frying turkey, someone who buried a turkey, and Wolfgang Puck. Every time I see him he says ‘I know, I know…'”

Marilu is no stranger to San Diego, having performed in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN as well as having speaking engagements in the city in the past. So when the opportunity to come to San Diego with her show she jumped at the chance. This show, which she has performed to sold-out houses across the nation, reaffirms her love for live theatre.

“It’s truly my first love, no question about it. I love being on stage in front of people.

I have a lot of energy as a person and I think there is something about being on stage that you are never too big. The camera has to focus on you so much that there’s an ‘Oh am I being too big on camera?’ feeling.

There’s something about being on stage that best expresses my energy and my being in the present time with people and the unique experience with that night’s crowd and what you’re doing.”

Henner says she keeps returning to perform in live theatre because no show is ever the same, and that’s the magic of it.

“There’s something very immediate and very special about being in that moment. I think that’s the way, I’m always telling people to remember is to be present. There is something very special about being in the present moment with a theatrical experience because every audience is different, you bring your day with you, and it’s a unique experience to that day and there’s something very special about that.”

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How to get tickets

You can see Marilu Henner perform MUSIC AND MEMORIES at North Coast Repertory Theatre at 7:30pm both nights. For ticket information and availability go to

North Coast Repertory Theatre requires you to show proof that you are fully vaccinated or you have a negative covid-19 test result 72 hours prior to your performance.

All guests need to have a photo ID and either their physical CDC vaccination card, a picture of their vaccination card, or a digital vaccination record. Masks must be worn at all times once you are inside the building.

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