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FULLY COMMITTED at Cygnet Theatre

Remember restaurants, theatres, landline phones, and fax machines? FULLY COMMITTED by Becky Mode at Cygnet Theatre is a hilarious one-man show featuring David McBean in a streaming show through October 25th. It will make you laugh, and potentially glad you don’t have to fight for reservations at this current moment.

FULLY COMMITTED at Cygnet Theatre

Well, really those were the good old days if you were someone who was lucky enough to get a table at a busy restaurant. McBean plays Sam, an out of work actor who is the single point of contact for one of Manhattans busiest restaurants. Sam may have the power to get you a reservation or not, but as you know with great power comes juggling a prima donna chef, demanding co-workers, and entitled customers. Sam even balances calls from his lonely Father in Ohi, and his frienemy actor buddy who calls Sam to humblebrag about his own callback.

All roles are played admirably by McBean, at a dizzying pace. Multiple voices and characterizations abound as an increasingly frazzled Sam tries to keep everyone happy. While all the characters are entertaining, it’s McBean’s humanity in Sam that makes him a character worth investing your time in. Dare I say the performance is fully committed?

FULLY COMMITTED is streaming through October 25th. Fort ticket and streaming access information go to

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