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Roxane Carrasco on MARGIN OF ERROR

The Roustabout’s Theatre Co is streaming their critically acclaimed 2017 show MARGIN OF ERROR online for everyone to see from the comfort of their own home through August 23rd. A drama with plenty of twists and turns over a single evening. A famous scientist, his wife, and two of the scientist’s students prove dinner parties and science to sometimes be a volatile combination. Roxane Carrasco, who played Sunita, the scientists wife in this production chatted with me about

Roxane Carrasco in MARGIN OF ERROR
Photo: Daren Scott

First, Roxane sets the scene on what it is the audience is getting into when the show opens.

The play is about a physics professor and his quest to win a Nobel Prize based on the research he has done. However, the people closest to him are profoundly affected when during one dinner party, deception on many levels is revealed. My character is Sunita Myrvold, the wife of the professor, and an award-winning activist and well known public figure in her own right, with high moral values.

This play has a lot of twists and turns and debates many topics leaving the audience with a lot to ponder when the curtain comes down.

I hope the audience walks away from this play pondering ethics, morals, and how words on the page matter. There IS a right and wrong, no matter how you spin it. I also hope that the audience will want to study physics more, or at least become a bit more curious, as the concepts in the play are worth studying/noting.

Photo: Daren Scott
Photo: Daren Scott

Working on this show originally was a unique opportunity for Roxane, as is this new opportunity to see the show in a virtual way.

Working on the show was a whirlwind for me as I came into the role a mere 10 days before the first public performance. In other words, my rehearsal process was truncated. But, I was surrounded by immense talent in the director and my castmates who helped me get into the role very very fast. I loved this challenge and I really loved the play.

Coming back to it now, this way, is once in a lifetime for this 35 year veteran of professional work. It is not normal to present theatre this way, but in today’s world, it is a beautiful way to share shows/events from the past. This will be the FIRST TIME I will see my work on stage, EVER. I’m nervous, I’m excited, and I’ll probably be rough on myself, but I sincerely am grateful to have this opportunity.

The virtual production of MARGIN OF ERROR by The Roustabouts Theatre Co. is playing through August 23rd. For play and ticket information please go to


Written by Will Cooper

Directed by Rosina Reynolds

Featuring Ruff Yeager, Roxane Carrasco, Kate Rose Reynolds & Joel Miller

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