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THE DAZZLE & TARRYTOWN by Backyard Renaissance

If you are looking for streaming theatre options this weekend then Backyard Renaissance has two shows for you to enjoy! THE DAZZLE has a special extension from last weekend’s performance to accompany this weekend’s filmed and streaming performance of TARRYTOWN.

THE DAZZLE Backyard Renaissance

THE DAZZLE offers strong performances about a pair of reclusive brothers; Langley (Tom Zohar) a talented pianist with a peculiar way of interacting with the world, and Homer (Francis Gercke) a lawyer who retired to look after his genius but capricious brother who has a habit of collecting things and bringing it into the home. Milly (Jessica John) is a socialite who is interested in marrying Langley, which would also allow her to escape her wealthy family. While the outside world is glimpsed through Milly this play is truly about the relationship of the two brothers as they journey from being able to socialize in the outside world to a retreat from it and into their own world – their home including lots of miscellaneous junk, multiple pianos, and even booby traps in case of intruders. (The play is based on the real Collyer Brothers who were born in the 1880s and lived as recluses in their family home until 1947 when they died due to the hoarded items falling.)

Aptly directed by Rosina Reynolds Zohar and Gercke are strong as the eccentric brothers and John brings a nice foil of softness and vulnerability as Milly.

This play was performed and filmed in such a way that the performers were socially distanced apart at a minimum of 9 feet apart and filmed with three cameras. The footage was then edited into the piece being streamed. Set design by Tony Cucuzella is excellent, giving the sense of the home and the clutter, and feels cohesive which is remarkable given the spacing and editing for the filming. This is all supported by lighting by Joel Britt, costumes by Jeanne Reith, and sound design by Matt Lescault-Wood.

Filmed live on stage by Stand Up 8 Productions everything comes together for a very satisfying streaming theatrical experience.

TARRYTOWN Backyard Renaissance

Also available this weekend from Backyard Renaissance is TARRYTOWN, a streaming encore performance of their winning 2017 San Diego Critics Circle 2017 Best New Musical. Directed by Francis Gercke and Anthony Methvin, this is a musical reinvention of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and has performances by Tom Zhoar , Bryan Banville, and Kay McNellen.

Created by Adam Wachter (writer,composer, and lyricist) this show was also captured live on stage by Stand Up 8 Productions.

For more information on these productions go to or click here to purchase tickets.

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Director Rosina Reynolds

Project Manager Anna Younce

Lighting Designer Joel Britt

Set Designer Tony Cucuzzella

Costume Designer Jeanne Reith

Sound Designer Matt Lescault-Wood

Captured live on stage by Stand Up 8 Productions


Music Direction by Steven Withers,

Stage Manager – Taylor Todd

Set Design by Kristen Flores

Lighting Design by Curtis Mueller

Choreography by Katie Whalley Banville

Costume Design by Jessica John,

Property Design by Bonnie Durben

Captured live on stage by Stand Up 8 Productions

Photo Credit: Backyard Renaissance

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