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What to watch in June

It is day eleventy-billion of quarantine and if like me, your days are running together then may I suggest some date-based items to help you keep the calendar somewhat in mind. Also, can you believe that it is almost June? Where did May go? I put this together so you know what to watch in June and maybe it will help us keep track of the days.

June 4th – CORIOLANUS National Theatre Youtube Channel


A political tragedy bourne of manipulation and revenge, featuring Tom Hiddleston as the title character who is a war hero who is less skilled on the political battlefield. This company also features Mark Gatiss (SHERLOCK, DOCTOR WHO) and was filmed live on stage in 2014. it’s an intense and riveting production. Available for viewing from June 4th – June 11th on National Theatre’s Youtube channel.



If you like Lin Manuel Miranda and July seems too far away for the HAMILTON release, good news for you!~ June 5th, Hulu releases their original documentary WE ARE FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME which follows the early days of the improv hip hop group through to it’s reuniting to perform for a limited run on Broadway in New York. Featuring Miranda, Christopher Jackson, director Thomas Kail, and more this should help get you through to July’s HAMILTON release. on Hulu on June 5th

June 11th – POSE season 2 Netflix


A show that received critical acclaim and whose performance by Billy Porter earned him the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. About New York’s African-America, Latino LGBTQ ballroom culture, season 1 was set in the 1980’sand season 2 takes them into the 1990’s. it features as an excellent cast including MJ Rodriguez, Indya Moore, and beyond it’s a powerhouse of a show. Between the performances and the costumes, I couldn’t stop watching. Available on Netflix June 11th

June 19th – ANN


This is a Great Performances broadcast of Holland Taylor’s one-woman p[lay about Texas governor Ann Richards. I saw it live in NY and it is funny, moving, and made me interested in politics in Texas – which should honestly speak for itself. This is playing on

June 25th – “Charlie’s Angels”


Yes, this is the reboot featuring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska and while it may not be Shakespeare it does feature Shakespeare expert Patrick Stewart in it as well! It’s a fun action-packed romp and perfect for summer. It’s a popcorn action flick, you just have to provide your own popcorn on your couch. On Hulu June 25th

More updates to follow on what to watch in June as more things are announced!

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