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Lena Hall on singing and “Snowpiercer”

As proven in the last few months, never underestimate the power of entertainment in times of stress and strife.  Turns out that is true even when you’re in a train that circles the globe during the second ice age in “Snowpiercer”.  Except that in this case instead of Netflix they have the Night Car; nightclub cabaret car with plenty of cocktails and sequined costumes and is run by Miss Audrey played by Lena Hall.  

“Snowpiercer” is both the name of the tv show premiering on Sunday, May 17th. Inspired by the 2013 movie of the same name, this futuristic thriller-drama follows the survivors who live on a train that circles the globe. As Miss Audrey Lena Hall is part singer, part therapist, and maybe even more as the woman who rules over the Night Car and helps people forget their worries for a moment.

Lena Hall at San Diego Comic Con Photo: Jamie LeDent Photography

The Night Car is the middle car of the train, where the different classes can mingle (almost aloof the classes), and hear Hall’s character sing, forget their troubles, and where anything can happen.

Lena Hall is a Tony Award Winner for her role in HEDWIG, and also the first person to play both Hedwig and Yitzhak in the same production during the national tour of the musical in 2016.  So she’s excited to share the musical performance element of her character in a dystopian sci-fi show.

I’m certainly looking forward to the surprise of the music in something that maybe would not have music. Having a moment to perform for my character is really cool and I like that I get to share that with the audience also as me.

Miss Audrey may be the queen of the night car, and Hall says she found some of her inspiration in her character from the “Queen of Burlesque.”

 I felt like a lot of her character came from Dita Von Teese and so sometimes there was a burlesque soundtrack in my head.  Because of her space and what she wears, and how she presents herself – it’s almost a mask or in costume all the time.

Don’t let the glamour fool you, Hall was happy to jump into the action when the scene called for it. Though her fight scenes still may call for red lipstick.

I wanted to get in and get dirty and don’t and I kept thinking, “I was a dancer, let me in there”.  Wanting to go in and fight.  I get to stay pretty pristine, including my red lipstick.

You can check out Lena Hall and the rest of the cast of “Snowpiercer” when it premieres on TNT on Sunday,May 17th at 9pm. Check your local listings for channel and showtime.

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Photo Credit: Jamie LeDent Photography

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