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Celebrate the new works of the Community Voices Digital Playwriting at The Old Globe

Most likely, you’ve seen somewhere on social media the quote that Shakespeare wrote KING LEAR during the plague, seemingly to inspire those that the same can be done in the time of Coronavirus. Mileage may vary on whether people find that story inspiring or just an unfair expectation when some days you don’t want to put on pants. The participants of The Old Globe Community Voices Digital Playwriting workshops, however, are celebrating their creativity and dedication of writing original short scripts with professional performances that you can watch on May 7th at 3pm!

Photo Credit: The Old Globe

Led by Old Globe Teaching Artist and program creator Katherine Harroff, the workshop taught participants the steps for exploring performance-based writing and developing short plays. In celebration of the amazing final drafts submitted The Old Globe will be presenting their readings via a Facebook live stream and will feature performances by the professionals who are the Arts Engagement Teaching Artist/Actors of the original short scripts by those that participated in the online workshop over the past month.

The Thursday presentation will feature 7 Playwrights that felt the most “ready” for this first showing.  More performances of scripts will announced in the future.

Here are the selected 10-minute plays/playwrights for this first performance.

1. ‘Powerless’ by Laura Todd

2. ‘Dub Thee Fear’ by Declan Kallberg

3. ‘Communication’ by Markey Jones 

4. ‘Lioness’ by L.S. De Anda

5. ‘Lyft off’ by Tim Cole

6. ‘Safe’ by Adam Parker

7. ‘Days Lurch Weeks Fly’ by Shelly Williams

The featured performers for Thursday’s reading are: Gerardo Flores Tonella, Jake Millgard, Arielle Siler, Valeria Vega, Gill Sotu, Miki Vale and Katherine Harroff.  

To support the Community Voices Digital Playwriting program and attend the performances of the new works by these new playwrights you can access the Facebook event at this link:

New theatre to watch from home, supporting creative playwrights, and you can wear whatever you want- no one will ever know!

For information on what The Old Globe is doing now with their online theatre programs you can go here for more information:

You can also find all the information on the theatre, it’s history, and future plans here:

You can also follow them on social media at the links below:



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