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“CHUCK” Live Table read!

What’s more confronting in time of uncertainty than something gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling of nostalgia?  Luckily, the cast of “Chuck”, is here to help us with a live table read and remember the good times. Remember those? When we could go outside, and when no one had ever made a tv show about the Tiger King.

Chuck – super nerd and super spy

There are few fan bases that were as devoted to their show as the fans of “Chuck” starring Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, and more. The show, which followed a nerd who accidentally became involved with and then became a spy, was full of fun and loveable characters and resonated worldwide with their fans.  The fan base was so dedicated that they were able to rally and save the show, got Subway to sponsor the last few seasons of the total 5 season series. 

It was just announced that the cast will be doing a live cast (virtual) reunion and episode reading on April 17th on and IGTV.  Even more fittingly, the fans of “Chuck” are the ones that will get to choose the episode the cast will be reading.

Even more incentive, by participating you’ll have a chance to be cast in the table read!

RSVP at this link and leave your suggestion:

All of this in support of Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund

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I have so many unanswered questions from the “Chuck” finale. Does Chuck still know kung fu? Did Sarah ever remember their adventures?  Is Jeffster still playing music? Where is everyone now?

What are you hoping we learn?

The “Chuck” live table read is April 17th RSVP at this link and leave your suggestion:

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