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The bittersweet opening and closing of PLOT POINTS IN OUR SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT

It’s always bittersweet when a show is scheduled to close its regular run, and even more so now that shows have been closed before ever having the chance to officially open. Diversionary Theatre should be running PLOT POINTS IN OUR SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT by Miranda Rose Hall but alas, had to close before making its official open. Yet, as the saying goes, the show must go on, and for a brief shining moment before the show had an opening and closing night all in one.

Photo Credit: Rachael VanWormer and August Forman* in PLOT POINTS IN OUR SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT. Photo:

Here is Jenny Case, the Managing Director of Diversionary Theatre with the story of how the cast, crew, and theatre staff came together to give PLOT POINTS IN OUR SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT one magic night.

Knowing that the best answer was to cancel the show altogether to get August home safe and sound to Chicago, but also knowing these wonderful artists had worked so hard for weeks on something that would not be seen by any audience, we asked the cast if they would like to do a final run through of PLOT POINTS IN OUR SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT on stage for staff and have it taped as our archival recording, before sending August home. We wanted the Artists to make the decision, for their mental health, if it made more sense to get home as soon as possible or to run it one last time.

Oh my gosh! In the heartbreak of knowing the show was cancelled, they were effusive in their desire to run it for at least a few people and get it taped for posterity. To have the show exist for at least someone, even if it couldn’t be a house filled audience.

So one last night we gathered as staff. Rachael’s husband and mom came. I sanitized the theatre. Everyone kept the recommended distance from each other almost instinctively. You could feel the sense of relief and joy in being together but also the poignancy that this was the last live theatre any of us would probably see for a while.

We ran the show on a clean relatively blank stage as we had not yet loaded in all the scenic elements. It is a simple two person show that does not even require them to touch, so fitting for these times. But their performances! Just the two of them giving stunning fully memorized and rehearsed performance. They were extraordinary and we in the audience knew we were blessed to see something this special. It just proved that theatre is magic. A light on a person, on a stage, saying Miranda Rose Hall’s incredible, moving, funny words is all it takes to be transformed. In the hands of such talented artists that is all it takes. And it is magic!

We all hung out afterwards talking and sharing and had our “closing night” toast. People just kept lingering. They didn’t stand as close as they used to, but they also didn’t leave. Being together, because we could, and might not get to again for a long time.

Cast and creative team for PLOT POINTS IN OUR SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT included August Forman, Rachael VanWormer, Director Kym Pappas, Scenic Designer Yi-Chen Lee, Costume Designer Elisa Benzoni, Sound Designer Lily Voon, and Stage Manager Edward Khris Fernandez.

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