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THE ILLUSIONISTS at Broadway San Diego

THE ILLUSIONISTS LIVE FROM BROADWAY proves that it only takes a little bit of magic to fill the theatre at Broadway San Diego. THE ILLUSIONISTS are playing multiple shows through Sunday, March 1st – catch them before they disappear.

The show brings the talents of some of the best magicians and their specialties to San Diego direct from their hit performances on Broadway. This show’s prestigious prestidigitators are the following:


David Williamson – The Trickster acts as a sort of a friendly emcee as well as performing. His mix of skill and humor, as well as explaining magic to kids and adults with a friendly exasperation when they don’t follow directions (at least on my night), he’s like the magical equivalent of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bonus, he referenced the library Dewey decimal system – go to section 793.8 in your local library for more magical info!

Valentin Azema – The Elusive brings a French sophistication to the proceedings while still making you wonder how things appear and disappear from point A to point B. Even when explaining how a trick works he still diverts and surprises audience expectations.

Jonathan Goodwin – The Daredevil assures the audience that what he does is not an illusion, his safety is genuinely in danger with the tricks her performs. From audience participation (if he offers you a box DO NOT open it), to being buried alive while suspended over the stage, to using Samurai swords through a cardboard box in which a magician assistant resides.

Hyun Joon Kim – The Manipulator performs sleight of hand card tricks that are so lovely it’s practically ballet using cards as they fly through the air, appear, reappear, and spring forth from nowhere like bouquets of flowers. Though the poetry was slightly lost on the kid behind me who while watching said ‘he is making a mess, he is going to HAVE to clean that up.”

Chris Cox – The Mentalist is the mind reader, and along with some amazing spot on audience assessments with some infectious enthusiasm, provides a lovely dose of friendly comedy to the proceedings. If you’re going, definitely watch what you are thinking.

To explain more would ruin the magic and the mystery of this family-friendly and fun show. Playing through March 1st at Broadway San Diego at the Civic Theatre. For ticket and showtime information go to

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