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Kids talk About DEAR EVAN HANSEN at Broadway San Diego

It has been said, nay even sung, that the children are our future. Since DEAR EVAN HANSEN, now playing at Broadway San Diego through January 12th has connected so fiercely with the younger generation I asked a few of those under 18 who saw the show for their thoughts and what resonated for them.

Two of our young theatre critics

With their parents’ permission, here is what they had to say.

It seems that email writing was a major highlight in the show.

Gavin, age 8
“Sincerely, Me” It was a lot of fun. I know all the lyrics to all the songs and I was trying hard not to sing along during the show.

Lily, age 13
My favorite part was “Sincerely, Me”; it was funny and exciting. It made me feel even more interested in the story.

Kairi, age 15
My favorite part was “Sincerely, Me” due to I think it’s pretty funny, and Jared Klienman is my favorite character. My other favorite part is the beginning because it really sets you up for the story and such. The mom’s song shows the family situation, and “Waving Through a Window” lets us see what Evan wants and backstory of how they got to this point.

Though the emotional scenes and decisions were not lost on them either

Olivia, age 13
My favorite part was the scenes in “Good For You.” It showed how Evan lost touch with the people who cared about him by abandoning them for a happier life. He had a much better life, but the people who were there for him originally were left behind.

JJ, age 12
I felt bad for Evan’s Mom because she works her butt off for her son to go around telling people “we don’t have enough money!”
I didn’t like Evan when he started lying, like when “Sincerely, Me” starts. He made the choice to lie for attention- just look at the lyrics of “Disappear.”

Stephen Christopher Anthony did so well as Evan, I don’t know how he does it.

Lexi, age 11
My favorite part was the final scene because Evan and Zoe became friends again even after everything that happened.

Dylan, age 15
My favorite part was when Evan’s letter was found by Conner. I knew there was no explaining his way out of it. I was instantly invested in the story. A close second was the ending, it wasn’t the typical happy Hollywood ending wrapped up in a bow. It left me satisfied yet wondering what happens next.

Some notes from parents:

Mom Lisa: As for me, the most heart-wrenching part was when the parents were asking Evan questions about his days with Conner. They were leading him to the answers and explanations they needed to hear. I felt like that scene led me to talk openly to the kiddos about how you can still feel isolated and alone surrounded by people. We came up with ideas on how he may have been able to get through his depression before he committed suicide.

Mom Naomi: I got teary-eyed when the Mom sang “So Big/So Small.” I also thought the conversations between Evan and Connor were very interesting.

Dad JR: Don’t put the baseball mitt in the microwave! (a sentiment also noted in “To Break in a Glove”)

DEAR EVAN HANSEN is playing at Broadway San Diego through January 12th. For ticket and showtime information go to

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