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NEW MATCH COLLECTIVE Boozin’with the Bard

The New Year is almost here and if one of your resolutions is to go to more theatre, support a growing theatre company, see more Shakespeare, or even just go out and have a drink with friends more often then New Match Collective has just the event for you!

BOOZIN’ WITH THE BARD is this Friday, January 3rd at the Amplified Ale Works’ Acid Vault in downtown San Diego. Promising a theatrical performance like no other, this is where Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter meets a group of talented actors who have a few drinks beforehand. What follows next is a riotous version of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM as this troupe of actors performs a shortened version of this classic comedy.

Alyssa Salter, the Artistic Director if New Match Collective, says this came about because this is Shakespeare for everyone, and aims to show those who thinks Shakespeare is boring just haven’t seen it their way yet.

People say that Shakespeare isn’t fun. That it is confusing, stuffy, pretentious, boring, and outdated. That isn’t what we think…but we struggled to find ways to bring the nay-sayers. Boozin’ With the Bard is for the anglophile, for the adults, for those who have never seen Shakespeare, those who have seen lots of work by the Bard…it is opening a walkway between the lover and the hater. It is the fun of improv with the structure of a great story and Elizabethan English. We knew it was the right way to live up to our slogan of “Not Your Grandma’s Shakespeare!” when the first rehearsal took much longer than planned due to outbursts of laughter by the company.

Boozin’ had some international inspoiration as well, so Salter knew this was a fun and effective way to highlight that this isn’t the Shakespeare you dreaded from school.

Boozin’ With The Bard was an idea that came from hard and hilarious work done by Drunk Shakespeare in New York and the international Shit-faced Shakespeare. Those companies really paved the way for us to see a hilarious concept and put the New Match Collective spin on it. We loved the idea of taking the works we loved and putting an improv/drunk spin on it. Many of the artists we work with are also improv professionals and we really wanted a moment to highlight their skills. Every show will be unique, not just because of the chosen drunk actors, because of our integration of improv and classical acting.

Depending on how brave the audience members are (liquid courage available onsite) there is even a chance for audience interaction with the show.

We let people submit their names for the opportunity to be chosen for more participation. It is an experience for all levels and we wanted to respect different levels of consent and participation.

So grab a ticket, see some Shakespeare, and have some laughs with New Match Collective at BOOZIN’ WITH THE BARD: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM January 3rd, 8:30pm at Amplified Ale Works Kitchen + Beer Garden.

For ticket and directions go to

You can find more information on New Match Collective and their 2020 theatrical offerings at or follow them on Twitter or Instagram

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