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Jameela Jamil talks about THE GOOD PLACE

Few characters leave as lasting an impression, or pointed commentary, as Jameela Jamil’s haughty, name dropping socialite Tahani al-Jamil.   As The Good Place moves into its fourth and final season, here is the quick chat with Jamil about what Jameela Jamil wants for Tahani, for everyone, and why speaking out is something she won’t stop doing.

Before she dives into her character, she offers a word of warning  on how much is packed into this final season.

Jameela Jamil Photo Credit: Jamie LeDent

Jameela Jamil: If you thought every other season moved fast episode to episode you aren’t going to know what’s going to hit you. We package a lot in because everyone knew before hand, which is very rare, that a team knows their season is going to finish, so the writers took all of their ideas and packed it in with all of the love in the world for this show.

The tears may have already started on the set, and the show may have changed the idea of what American’s will watch on tv, but Jameela isn’t shedding any tears yeat.

J: I don’t cry because I’m English and we don’t do that, it’s just not who are are.  (Laughs)  But there will be loads of tears.

Mike has changed television with this show, he genuinely has.  There will be more diversity, a lack of stereotyping, more female parity when it comes to what happens on a set, and we’re going to push the boundary for intelligent content for network tv because the American public aren’t stupid.

In the end, Jameela hopes to see Tahani  achieve by the end of this final season?

J: I would love for Tehani to find real love.  I would like her to make peace with her parents. I would like everyone to make peace with our parents.  I think her storylines say so much that we miss about the impact your parents have on you for the rest of your life and how it cedes in and out of in all these different ways. It’s something to really pay attention to, it’s a really important conversation and I’m really glad it happened in such a stupid way with some many amazing name drops.

While the show may be ending, one thing that will be continuing is Jameela using her voice as an activist to try to help everyone around the world work towards a better sense of self love and acceptance.

J: My character meant I was on a tv show and my voice got amplified on. There is footage of me being an activist back when I was 19 on the news talking about how we talk about women’s bodies, so I’ve been doing this for a long time.  This show and this character have elevated me to a place where people finally listened to me. We only listen to privileged people.  When I was a marginalized, poor and anonymous, and I was saying the same things I was saying now, no one listened to me but people listen to me now with privilege.  I understand that sometimes people think I’m too privileged to speak out, but if I don’t then who will?

Catch Jameela Jamil and the rst of her amazing The Good Place cast at the premier of the final season of The Good Place on NBC. Premiere airs on Thursday, September 26th on NBC, check your local listings for times.

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