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ANOTHER ROLL OF THE DICE at North Coast Repertory Theatre invites audiences back to the fast taking, musical filled world of Damon Runyon with this fun and nostalgic return to Runyonland.

L-R Allison Spratt Pearce, Darrick Penny, Lance Carter, Sarah Errington, Elliot Lazar _ Jason Maddy Photo credit: Aaron Rumley

Like GUYS AND DOLLS before it, ANOTHER ROLL OF THE DICE is based on Runyon’s colorful tales of New York . This time the audience finds themselves in midtown Manhattan at Mindy’s Deli, a 24-hour restaurant where there’s always something interesting going on at one of the tables.  Our narrator is Zelma (Sarah Errington) who introduces us to all of the characters and stories, within the story.

The show tells three of the short stories, woven together with some beloved songs all told by a cast of six playing multiple characters. From heartbroken lovers, to scheming socialites, crafty cat burglars, and gangsters with their dolls, there is no shortage of personalities to explore in this show.

Allison Spratt Pearce and Jsaon Maddy, Photo: Aaron Rumley

Allison Spratt Pearce shines as Georgia St. George, a nightclub torch singer, and again in the second act in Basbeball Hattie a baseball super fan who has a love for the game that never wavers.  Sarah Errington brings the laughs as a girl who dumps her sweetheart because she’s more enamored with gangster tough guys, as well as a society debutante Valeria.

Darrick Penny and Sarah Errington Photo: Aaron Rumley

Elliott Lazar is adorable as the sweet and naive Tobias, a recent college grad trying to be tougher to impress his girlfriend who finds him a little too vanilla for her taste. Lance Carter goes from comedic gangster to a Wall Street banker who learns to value love over money.  Darrick Penny is a smooth-talking, and even smoother thief who plays Cupid while lifting some valuable silver. Jason Maddy is a comedic gangster in act one, but really excels as a New York Giants pitcher with a gambling habit.

Jason Maddy, Lance Carter, and Elliott Lazar Photo Credit: Aaron Rumley

The four piece band, led by Cris O’Bryon, helps bring the iconic sound of these songs to life along with the cast.

ANOTHER ROLL OF THE DICE is a lovely return visit to the GUYS AND DOLLS universe with some fun characters, romance, and lovely songs.

ANOTHER ROLLOF THE DICE is playing at the North Coast Repertory Theatre through August 11th.  For ticket and show time information go to  

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