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Is there any better way for San Diego to kick off a pop culture laden Comic Con week than with internet stars, and bestselling authors The Try Guys as they bring their glam rock, comedy filled, and heart felt show to the Balboa Theatre? According to the screaming audience in the theatre on performance night the answer is “No.”

The TRY GUYS: LEGENDS OF THE INTERNET is a show that promises all of the entertainment, vulnerability, and inspiration from their videos and delivers on that promise live, onstage with a glam rock inspired, spectacular show.

The Try Guys: aka Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang have built an empire by encouraging each other to try anything and everything, and living their lives in the most authentic way possible. As in all of their other successful projects their strength is in their genuine vulnerability and positivity while having the most ridiculous amount of fun possible.

The energy in the theatre is incredible; people cheering, crying, and laughing from excitement and that’s before the show has even started. When the countdown clock hits zero and the lights go down as the music swells, the audience starts screaming at an even increased frenzy. It would be easy for the guys to count on that kind of energy and use it to coast on for the rest of the show, but if they took the easy way out would they even be the Try Guys?

Instead, this is an incredibly well-crafted and expertly paced show, as well put together as any of their adored internet videos. There is no moment or beat that is not placed where it needs to be for maximum impact, or to give the audience a moment to catch their breath (both actual and emotional) before moving on to the next section.

The singing, dancing, costume quick changes, audience participation, laughter, and overarching positivity has everyone leaving the theatre feeling like they can take on the world. It’s a party full of light, sound, color, glitter and of course, the internet. The production values, with the lighting, sets, and projections are fantastic.

They put in the damn work is what I’m saying.

I’m not going to go into detail on the sections of the show themselves, because I don’t want to ruin any of the fun that comes from experiencing it all live. Just know that at this show anything is possible; fried chicken can fly through the air, members of the audience can dance on stage, and people get the reminder to tackle life by having “the best damn time.”

There is no doubt that they are friends because their onstage chemistry is amazing and palpable, which only electrifies the audience even more.

However, the benefit of being a nosey theatre person with a notebook is to be able to write down what’s going on around you and honestly, the things I overheard are proof that this show had an amazing impact.

“They were amazing, everything I thought they would be and more.”

“I love how uplifting it was!”

“It was amaaaaazzzing!!” (sang enthusiastically while dancing down the street)

“I have never experienced anything like that before, I’m so glad we came!!”

Keith, Ned, Zach, and Eugene may have started this tour as legends of the internet, but now they can say they’ve conquered the stage as well.

TRY GUYS: LEGENDS OF THE INTERNET tour is traveling, check out if they are coming to a city near you at

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