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North Coast Rep proves comedy is ALL IN THE TIMING

Don’t let the laughter or the crazy hijinks fool you- comedy is hard work to get right. Luckily, with a strong ensemble cast of six people ALL IN THE TIMING brings the laughs to the stage of the North Coast Repertory Theatre through May 5th.


The show, by David Ives is itself an ensemble piece – so to speak – made up of six mini-plays . From stories about a composer trying to buy bread, learning a new language, the perils of dating (and mini-golf), or even those famously references monkeys at typewriters trying to write Shakespeare the show covers lots of topics with lots laughs. Inanity and hilarity go hand in hand with this show, as the talented cast somehow turns mundane things into increasingly entertaining situations.

The cast includes Omri Schein, David McBean, Taylor Renee Henderson, Uma Incrocci, Noelle Marion, and Christian Pedersen, all of whom are willing to leave it all on the stage in this fast paced farce. If you are looking for wacky, witty, wordplay then this cast will not leave you disappointed or bored.

Directed by David Ellenstein the comedy of the show is actually “all in the timing” (pun intended). It’s keeping the cast and the pace at just the right level so the audience feels like they are along for the ride comedians who are both verbally and physically agile.

I read somewhere that laughter, the fully belly kind for 10 minutes equals a half hour on a rowing machine and helps define abs more quickly. Now, I have no idea if that’s true but what I will say is this; at 90 minutes you might leave this show in the best shape of your life. It’s worth a try, right?

ALL IN THE TIMING is playing at the North Coast Rep through May 5th. For ticket and showtime information go to

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