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San Diego is about to get BariToned at Martini’s Above Fourth

At 8pm on April 6th Martini’s Above Fourth San Diego is going to get BariToned. The three talented men, Joe Hager, Edward Miskie, and Kyle Hines are taking the best songs from strong women characters in the Broadway catalogue and giving it their own musical and sometimes whimsical touch.

With a cast that has performed in shows from PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, LES MISERABLES, INTO THE WOODS, KISS ME KATE, GODSPELL, and music direction from Dan Pardo this show brings Broadway with a twist to San Diego.

Some could argue that nothing good comes out of Facebook anymore, but for Edward Miskie a scroll through his Facebook timeline helped him come up with this show idea.

“I was just scrolling through Facebook one day in 2016, and a headshot of Joe Hager’s (he’s in the show) made me chuckle; it was him giving all the smolder and smize with a woman’s hand holding a make up brush to his face. In about a half a second I laughed and said to myself ‘that would make a really good show poster… that would make a really good show’ and so birthed BariToned.”

Edward and Joe
See what Facebook can lead to? Edward and Joe performing 

It’s that sense of humor, and a love of musicals and Broadway that the audience can expect when they come to San Diego to perform.

“Audiences can expect total Broadway delirium. We have packed about 50 songs into this show in either their totality or a mash-up/medley or duet, giving you one Broadway hit after another and another. You will laugh, you will laugh some more, you may even cry… the show has a lot of heart and spirit. No audience has been disappointed yet, and we guarantee the same for San Diego!”

There is a lot of material in the musical theatre universe, but the range of emotional depth, or funny, fiery, and feisty songs, are usually not written as much for men and they wanted an opportunity to play those as well.

“Often times in musicals, men get to have two emotions, ‘I want that’ and ‘I’m mad because I can’t have that.’ Certainly there are exceptions, but having played roles like Adam Pontipee, Fred Graham, Joe having played Gaston, Kyle having played Lancelot… it’s a broad categorization of what we get to do.

Women get INFINITELY better songs to sing that are more emotionally fleshed out and generally more interesting. Frank Sinatra made a good portion of his career out of recording songs that were originally intended for women, so what’s good enough for Ole Blue Eyes is good enough for BariToned!”

Kyle bringing Lancelot to life for Edward

Edward has not yet been to San Diego, he is excited to bring his show to our fair city, and work with two California musicians, Ryan Knudsen and Jonathan Kirsh as well.

While they may not have too much time in our fair city, you can follow their adventures here, or even send them recommendations on what to do or where to eat, on twitter at:

@YouHaveBeenBariToned, @EdwardMiskie @JoeHagerBomb @KoolKY687 @pardothepianoman @uia_presents @shieldpress

Send those tweets after you’ve purchased tickets to their show, then you can tweet them how you enjoyed it as well.

Tickets to their 8pm show on April 6th at Martini’s Above Fourth can be purchased at

Photo Credit: Alex Pearlman

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