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Alyssa Salter & New Match Collective bring a new perspective to JULIUS CAESAR

San Diego theatre is always striving to be the best and offering unique point of view to explore. New Match Collective is a new theatre company that strives to bring a more inclusive theatre experience to San Diego.

New Match Collective

Alyssa Salter, the Artistic Director of New Match Collective took a moment out of the show’s busy rehearsal schedule for JULIUS CAESAR, playing March 14th-17th at The Theatre Arts School of San Diego in Liberty Station.

As an all femme identifying and non-binary theatre company, New Match Collective was founded in London in 2016 around the work-shopping of the play SWIPEby Alyssa Salter. This experience highlighted the need for highlighting these voices by revamping old works, and creating new ones.

“We believe in giving a voice to the voiceless by making theatre through womxn, by womxn, but for everyone,” Alyssa says of the group.

So what can San Diego anticipate from this theatre company and vision?

“New Match Collective is an important add to the San Diego theatre community because there are few other venues producing work that are led by those identifying as femme or non-binary. Male occupied spaces can often be unsafe for womxn or those who don’t fit into the gender binary. We value creating a space where those creatives can express themselves but also reclaim theatre works that have often excluded them due to gender.”

With performance dates that span a pivotal date in the life of the title character what was it about JULIUS CAESAR that felt right for your theatre company?

“Julius Caesar is a play about relationships, power, ambition, and betrayal. Ultimately, these are themes that anyone can relate to. There are power dynamics in any space, whether it be a work place or a friend group. It is a beautiful exploration of those dynamics and how it all comes down to trust.”

What can audiences expect from this this re-staging of a classic?

“Audiences can expect grit, emotion, beautifully choreographed fights, and a fresh perspective on a show that many people know. Oh, and chalk. Lots of chalk.”

It’s always during the rehearsal process that the cast can explore the script in a way that fits with their voice. What was the process like for thisshow?

“During the rehearsal process we really grappled with how to rid ourselves of the notions that we had of these characters. This play is historically very macho…or it is known by the Mean Girls quote that we should all just ‘STAB CAESAR’. It was important to shed those layers and get to who these characters are to us. Who are they? What do they value? What do they want? These things may seem obvious but it always the best part of going through traditional works because it is like dusting off cobwebs and finding something shiny and new.”

It’s always good to have a new theatre voice in town and it sounds like New Match Collective is ready to bring an exciting new point of view to the San Diego stage.

For ticket, showtime, and general information on this exciting new theatre company you can find them at any of the following:


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Twitter: @collectivenm

Instagram: @newmatchcollective

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