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Melissa Benoist talks about Supergirl, and a summer on Broadway playing Carole King

What do Supergirl and Carole King have in common?  It’s not a trick question, the answer is actress and singer Melissa Benoist.  While she may have taken some time off from saving the world ion her show ”Supergirl” this summer, she spent it making her Broadway debut playing another wonder woman, Carole King in BEAUTIFUL: THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL.

Melissa Benoist
Photo Credit:  © Jamie LeDent Photography

Benoist was in San Diego for Comic Con this summer,  while talking about playing Supergirl she also had a few things to say about performing on Broadway.

“I would never have forgiven myself if I hadn’t taken the opportunity. The way you use your voice and projecting…stage is a different beast.  I couldn’t wait to get up and do it. That said, theater is such a different muscle to flex and to use, but you know it’s good to get scared every once in a while.”

Benoist has been known to sing in her roles in “Glee” and in musical crossover episodes of “Supergirl” and “The Flash, but she’s been a fan of Carole king since she was a little kid when her parents would play her albums.  It’s that music that Benoist says is part of what makes BEAUTIFUL such a wonderful musical.

“Carole’s music is that it’s so easy to relate to in terms of learning life’s lessons or going through heartbreak or tragedy or growing as a person or figuring out who you are as an adult. She’s a genius at translating so much humanity into her songs.”

Of all the hit songs in the show, Benoist does have a favorite number to perform.

“It’s too late.  All of her musical is great music, every single one of her songs are amazing.  But ‘It’s too Late’  makes me think of things I’ve gone through in my life, but more than that it’s just so fun to sing, it’s groovy, it’s kind of the moodiest song of hers.  By far it’s my favorite. “

This show has also allowed her to live out a childhood dream, to star on Broadway. Playing Carole eight times a week has also helped her approach her character of Kara with a renewed vigor and a new angle.

“I do think donning the cape will feel different in a great way, because of Carole’s story; being true to who you are and that you are enough.  In Supergirl I love to find empowering stories to tell through that.”

While coming to Broadway was a childhood dream come true, Benoist says that it was a vastly different experience from filming television.  “It’s so different from television. Living out a story eight times a week is difficult and draining emotionally but very fulfilling. I will absolutely always be looking for more.”

Luckily, if you’re in San Diego you don’t have to look too far to see BEAUTIFUL: THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL because it is playing at Broadway San Diego from October 2nd – October 7th at the San Diego Civic Theatre.  For show time and ticket information go to

To See Melissa in Season Four of “Supergirl” turn in to the premier episode on October 14th on the CW.  Check your local listings for more information.



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