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CINDERELLA brings magic at the San Diego Civic Theatre

Cinderella, the Prince, the Fairy Godmother, and the whole gang are at the San Diego Civic Theatre for a short but magical run through Sunday, December 3rd.

Leslie Jackson and Tatyana Lubov in Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA. © Carol Rosegg

Based on the “Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella” that some may remember playing on television, this show offers a slightly different version of the show.  Cinderella played by Tatuana Lubov  is still innately kind, and compassionate; but she also wants Prince Topher, played by Louis Griffin, to see what is being done to his kingdom by his advisor Lord Pinkelton, played by Vincent B. Davis.

Lubov has a lovely voice and a sweetness that keeps Cinderella true to her roots, but also has earnestness that helps make her desire to help everyone in the kingdom a believable venture.  Griffin, as Price Topher has a strong voice and a nice character arc as his Prince finds his backbone.

Even Cinderella’s step-sisters have more depth as Gabrielle, played by Nicole Zelka, is more interesting as a more sincere and serious minded girl who really wants to  learn about people and hang out with the handsome want to be revolutionary Jean-Michel, played by Corbin Williams. The other sister Charlotte, played by Joanna Johnson, is very funny as the more spoiled and catty sister who cannot fathom why the Prince wouldn’t chose her.

Leslie Jackson, as Marie, the Fairy Godmother has a lovely voice and brings a fine sense of spunk and sense of humor to the role.

Of course, no fairytale is complete without a villain and Vincent B. Davis as Lord Pinkelton and Madame, played by Sarah Smith bring delightfully funny snide and self-serving performances.

The costumes as lovely, and the magical transitions of both Marie and Cinderella are sure make little girls twirl in the aisles.  At the opening performance there were many kids of all ages dressed in their best Cinderella gear.

Cinderella can sometimes get a bit of flack as an older fairy tale, complaints that she doesn’t have enough character, or she only wants to get married have trailed her over the years.  But a production that shows the power of a person who changes her life and the lives of others through kindness, compassion, and love?  That’s a message worth embracing

Catch CINDERELLA before she departs in her pumpkin carriage on December 3rd – unlike the Prince you can just buy a ticket, no glass slipper necessary.

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