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SUPER NIGHT SHOT starts, paradoxically, at the end, as the audience is told to wait outside of the theatre to celebrate the triumphant return of the cast.  The cast arrives to the San Diego Central Library scantily clad, with their cameras, and the audience follows them into the theatre to see what art they have created on the streets of San Diego.

Super Night Shot. Copyright: David Baltzer/Zenit.

This multimedia show created by the Gob Squad Arts Collective, a British-German troupe, urges the audience to wage a” war against anonymity.”  At one point it contemplates that each person is in their own film, and want to make a mark.  Sometimes those films interact and sometimes they pass by, without ever knowing the others.

The four performers go out into the world, armed with synchronized watches so they are all on the same timeline, and hand held cameras to create and tell a story.  Tonight’s quest turned the four performers into the casting director looking for a people to participate, location scout talking about all the possibilities wherever she wandered, the publicist trumpeting the arrival of the new hero in San Diego, and the hero looking for a cause,  go out into the streets to make their film.  What can the hero do to help save San Diego and earn her hero status?

As they each film their own part of the movie, their stories intertwine through some truly incredible scheduling and what must be many years of practice to get everything synced so well.

San Diego proved to be a bit hit and miss for them, as the hero struggled to find a quest to help, making her question if maybe she is a villain instead?  The Casting Director found people to talk to her, but maybe not willing to come on camera and help them complete the show.  Yet, there were people who were happy to participate, or watch from parameter of the camera shot while the performers all danced, or spun, or whatever served the scene best, along with their camera.

Along this journey, they discovered some delightful people, a couple who have been married for 57 years and how they met in high school, a young man named Moses who lives in Tijuana waiting for the trolley, hotel staff working their jobs, a man who dances along with their sidewalk tap dance, and more.

It all comes full circle as the film ends with the hero’s arrival, and the evenings audience sees as they become part of the art they came to see.

All shot in real time, the entire time they are out runs the same time as the film with no cuts. Each night is unique as they take to the streets of San Diego to create something new with a whole new cast of characters.

That’s the beauty of the Without Walls Festival though the La Jolla Playhouse. Outside of the theatre, this allows San Diego to shine though and through Sunday, October 22d   every night it will be a different adventure and a different story for SUPER NIGHT SHOT.

To see show times for SUPER NIGHT SHOT and all the other shows part of the festival allow you to experience art in a new and exciting way, and experience a theatrical adventure adventure that takes you out of the theatre and into San Diego.

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