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Charlie Cox talks DAREDEVIL, THE DEFENDERS, and working with Sigourney Weaver

Charlie Cox is no stranger to the stage, having last performed in the off-Broadway show INCOGNITO in 2016.  Many people know him from his work as the title character of the Marvel and Netflix series DAREDEVIL.  While the second season of DAREDEVIL may be done the newest series in the Marvel world on Netflix, THE DEFENDERS premiers this Friday, August 18th. I was able to chat with him about what we can expect from the new series, and the challenges this series provided.

Charlie Cox at Comic Con 2017
Photo Credit: Jamie LeDent Photography

What challenges did The Defenders provide that you r solo show did not?

I think the hardest thing is the choreography of the fight scenes.  In DAREDEVIL, it’s mostly me against collective bad guys.  In the Defenders we team up, and the shooting of that is immensely complicated.  When I’m shooting a scene with a bunch of bad guys, I really only have to worry about me, and my face being shown and making sure it’s in the scenes.  Where as in this show if we’re doing a fight scene and I’m there, and Kristen’s there, and Luke’s there and the camera sees those guys as well.  So we have to be perfect at the same time, so it’s time consuming and complicated but a great challenge.

At the end of season 2 Matthews’s life was torn away from him, he lost his best friend and lawyer partner, his girlfriend – the Defenders is picking up some of those threads.  How do you like picking up Matthew from that place and still having those uncertain feelings, and uncertain about his identity and what he should be doing?

Matt at the end of 2, I think recognizes the failure of his current situation and gives it up thinking he’s done.  So he’s putting all of his energies into practicing law.  But what has been a constant for Matt since the beginning of Daredevil, every time he makes a decision, life throws something in his path that makes him reevaluate.  That’s what happens here; he’s done with Daredevil, he’s done with vigilante justice, the suit is proverbially hung up, and I don’t think he has any intention of being Daredevil anytime soon.  Of course a situation arises whereby he has to reevaluate.   The interesting thing as an actor, for all of us is that we have four characters that have no interest in being a part of the team. One of the things that Matt has learned is that he can’t do this by himself, and so the only way forward is with help.  As an actor it was really fun to navigate this process that he could accept help and that it would be beneficial.

How great was it to work with such a great cast and play off of these amazing personalities?

I feel very lucky because Matt’s journey and story in this show, there is a lot of Luke and Danny (Luke Cage and the Iron Fist characters) stuff, and there is a lot of Matt and Jessica (Jones) stuff.  Everyone’s great but Krysten (Ritter) is a true talent and I love the fact that you meet Matt and Jessica and they almost know they’re not going to like each other.  Weirdly, over time there is a lot – they don’t know each other, they don’t care, and weirdly as the show progress, they find against their will that they like each other, and respect each other and the way they do business is kind of similar. Like as allies and as professionals, so every scene I had with Krysten was a joy.

What was it like to work with Sigourney Weaver?
Sadly, I had one scene with her, but I will forever remember it.  I don’t think my character actually said anything to her character.  I don’t know how you speak about something like Sigourney Weaver without being so complimentary that you sound disingenuous.  Sigourney is a true icon, a hero of mine, and just for me I would say that she is one of the few icons who is not in any way a disappointment when you meet her.  She is incredibly kind and incredibly generous as an actor and a person.  Her involvement of the show elevated it to a level that we could not have achieved without her.  I feel very grateful to have worked with her.

Check out THE DEFENDERS on Netflix when it premieres August 18th.

Photo Credit:  Jamie Le Dent Photography

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