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Heat up this weekend “In the Va Va Voom Room”

The Diversionary Theatre has a way to warm you up during these cold and rainy evenings with “In The Va Va Voom Room” a contemporary burlesque playing through January 8th.

Diversionary Theatre
Diversionary Theatre

This burlesque is sexy, entertaining, and fun as it mixes contemporary dance with some strip, some fantastic pole dancing, and a lot of T&A (talent and attitude).  But this show also explores that burlesque isn’t just about performers removing their clothes, but exploring beyond that to become something more than just the art of the tease.

The show is kicked off with “Way Down We Go”, a number that highlights strength, grace, and with musicality and performance.  Yes, there is a pole in this number, but the point is of it (and the rest of the show) is that this medium can be used to showcase the art and the athleticism involved in it as much as it can be linked to its beautiful and provocative elements.

“Sudden Subjugation” and “Tethered” both use contemporary dancing and athletic lifts to highlight shifting power dynamics in different relationships.  The relationships are explored and interpreted with modern, and sometimes quirky movements, while also creating some striking holds and poses.

“Teeth” and “All The Rave” are fun, entertaining, and filled with cheeky humor (sometimes literally).  You never know what’s going to happen when the music starts playing and the strobe lights kick in, but it’s always entertaining.

“Cage Match” explores the blurred lines between the close proximity of a fight club adrenaline, and a show of strength with flirting and attraction.

“Remember” is a sweetly whimsical number with a dance that also includes roller skates and a baton.

“Are You Ready?” closes out the show with a high energy number in some even higher heels.

Some +stand out performers is Victoria LeBrun in “Way Down We Go”, Travis Ti in “Teeth”, Bradley Lundberg and Nicholas Strasburg in “Cage Match”, and Andrew Holmes and Nicholas Strasburg in “Are You Ready?”   Andrew Holmes is also a very funny scene stealer in a few set ups between numbers that you don’t want to miss.

Created and directed by renown choreographer Michael Mizerany (“bare: a pop opera”, “A New Brain”) he brings this provocative dance program to the Diversionary.  His direction also keeps the shows moving, while also making sure everything flows smoothly from each selection into the next.

“In The Va Va Voom Room” is fun, funny, and sexy, which is a perfect way to warm up on a cold (San Diego defined) winter night.  “In The Va Va Voom Room” runs Jan. 5 – 8 at the Diversionary Theater located at 4545 Park Boulevard in University Heights.  For tickets and show times go to

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