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Diversionary Theatre takes it seriously when they say ” This is your theatre.”  They believe it so much that they have a way to help those with New Year’s resolutions to have more theatre in their lives.  These two new events that will entertain you and challenge you, and welcomes you to join in on the theatrical process!

Diversionary Theatre
Diversionary Theatre

WordPlay Tuesdays

Starting on January 10th, you can help new, and emerging writers hone their craft and create their new plays.  This event offers writers the opportunity to have a 10 minute portion from their works read vy actors on a stage in front of an audience.  The actors arrive just a half hour before the audience does, and then at 8pm the show begins.  This is an opportunity for the artists and the audience to see some new shows brought to life!

All WordPlay Tuesdays are free and open to the public.

Go support these new artists!

Open Flame

This is a brand new storytelling event where anyone and everyone are encouraged to come share their store.  It is a chance for the community to come together and tell stories based on a a different theme each month.  The theme for January is “Rise UP”, so if you have a story that  fits this theme then you are welcome to share!

If you have a story that you want to share then you just submit your name when you arrive.  All stories have a cap of 6 minutes and the stories will be chosen at random.

If you want to see this, but not get on stage then you are welcome to come and cheer everyone on.

The first event in the new series is Monday, January 30th and 7pm and it is a free event!

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