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DuckTales, whoooOOOooo

The amount of time that I watched Ducktales as a kid, thanks to my younger brother, was definitely excessive.  But in a good character building way, I swear.

Since today is my brothers birthday, and the fact that I love this show, the theme song, and that I sing it around the house even though I am a grown adult and have no children to blame it on, I am posting this video.

Seriously, I dare you to watch this video debuting the new cast of the Ducktales cartoon and

a) not sing along, and

b) not be smiling by the end.  

Is there anything better than David Tennant in anything, but most especially as Scrooge McDuck?  I think not. 

Here’s the lineup: Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live) will voice Louie, Ben Schwartz (House of Lies) will voice Dewey, Danny Pudi (Community) will voice Huey, Kate Micucci (Big Bang Theory) will voice Webby, Toks Olagundoye (Castle) will voice Mrs. Beakley, Beck Bennett (Saturday Night Live) will voice Launchpad McQuack, and, once again, David Tennant (Doctor Who) will voice Scrooge McDuck.


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