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Every hero needs a super sidekick…


William A. Williams has the role that every hero needs in order to truly become who they are supposed to be – the significant other that inspires them. In this case, he initially is the person who inspires Trevor to leave the house for the first time in a year. But as the show progresses Cary shows that he is no mere possible love interest, does he believe he has what it takes to become something more as well?

Seattle Repertory Theatre production of Lizard Boy by Justin Huertas.
Seattle Repertory Theatre production of Lizard Boy by Justin Huertas.

So in honor of this comic book inspired musical, here are a few fun questions with William about theatre, comic books, and what inspired this show.

Marvel/DC/Lord of the rings/Star Wars/StarTrek – which ones are your top 2?

Marvel and Star Wars

How many instruments did you play prior to this show?

I played 3 plus before this show

What was your first job in theatre?

The thing that jumped me off into this is what I am going to be doing is in elementary school. I went to a Christian school and we had these huge musicals and we did 2 a year. There was a 100 kid choir that would stand and sing in the back and then you had the principals in the front doing their thing. I have an older brother and sister and they got leads a couple times and I was waiting for a chance to audition, because you had to be at least in 3rd grade to audition, I auditioned and I got the main bid, Richard Awesome. The shows was called “The Bible Tells Me So Show” and I got to pull the strings, I was the game show host of this Bible show. I got to kiss 2 girls, 1 on the hand and one on the cheek. For the kiss on the hand you had to kiss your own thumb, and for the cheek it was you touch cheeks and you make a kissing sound. That launched me off and that was my shining moment.

Why is theatre important?

We won’t have the same experience, which is so lovely and I think shows its importance.  It is immediate, it’s different for everyone and it’s alive.

What sidekick or love interest does your character most resemble: Willow from Buffy, Moist from Dr.Horrible, Pascal from Tangled, or Bucky and Captain America?

I see a lot of Moist, but I think in his own head does Cary feel like Bucky sometimes. Especially at the end I think he thinks then that he is full Bucky.

Besides this cast, who in the musical theatre world would you most like to work with someday?

Lin Manuel Miranda, I mean I’d love to work with him obviously, but I’d also like to just hang out and cypher and beat box.

What is your personal kryptonite?

Mine is sleep. ..I mean my bed. I don’t want to leave it. I’m not a morning person at all and if I have an option I will stay in bed all day. If I can be productive in my own head then, the bed is way more weakness.

What is your current musical theater obsession?

The last one I geeked out to was HAMILTON. I’m not really a big musical theatre guy , I listen to PHISH and jazz music, and LIZARD BOY. So you could say that my current obsession is LIZARD BOY

As a CA native what is the thing that most symbolizes that you’re back here?

It’s the weather. It’s the “what season is this, who cares?” That and the biggest thing when I got back is the size of the blocks in the streets, we’re like 4 blocks from the theatre and it takes 10 minutes to get there.

Make sure you see this innovative show before it’s gone! LIZARD BOY has been extended through November 6th! Showtime and ticket information can be found at

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