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The Disney/Comic Con musical you didn’t know you wanted

Theatre and Comic Con, when you think about it, of course they go together so well.  Crazy ethusiatic fans, wearing costumes of their favorite characters, and getting into arguments and debating all the actions and dialouge.  Honestly, they sound like they have a lot in common.

So on this third day after Comic Con has ended, and our withdrawl symptoms are starting to subside, here is another example of what can happen when the theatre and comic fandoms collide.

Of course Deadpool wanted in on this...
Of course Deadpool wanted in on this…

Thanks to the The Nerdist, and the vocal stylings of Whitney Avalon – from Princess Rap Battles, now you too can see Comic Con through they lense of musical theatre nerds.  It’s about time the theatre nerds got around to this!

The magical, mystical, and musical journey starts the moring and takes you thoguh the first day of con as only a Disney and Han Solo inspired princess can show you.

You know you’ll be hummimg this all day….might as well just wear your costume and sing along!

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