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A whole new world….of dinosaurs

May I have a moment of your time to discuss the wonder that is the movie JURASSIC WORLD?

Excellent!  Because you should go see it.

I LOVED this movie for a variety of reasons, and to be fair I was predisposed to liking it. It does fall into the “dinosaurs eating people” genre which is, without a doubt, one of my favorite genres ever.

For you people thinking this was going to be another JURASSIC PARK it’s not, because it knows it’s can’t possibly be that. The original movie can scare you with nothing more than a noise and a cup of water.  It can make a shadow sinister.  It makes the turning of a doorknob a gasp worthy event.

The original film was a suspenseful sci-fi thriller, which happened to involve dinosaurs and had an underlying current that questioned the morals, ethics, and boundaries of science.  To paraphrase it: “not to ask if we could but if we should” sums up the first movie.

JURASSIC WORLD looks at that and laughs.  Not only should it, but they say let’s make it bigger while we are doing it. It is a summer blockbuster, so it has monsters, running, screaming, explosions, and a healthy dose of over the top crazy.

Are there crazy plot holes?  Of course there are!  Plot doesn’t matter when there are dinosaurs eating people.

If you get weighed down by plot this is NOT the movie for you.

Does it have a petting zoo populated by tiny Stegosaurus’ with saddles and miniature Brontosauruses that you can hug?  Yep (Also, I demand both of those for my birthday this year.  Please start working on this)

What kind of Navy training could Chris Pratt possibly had that qualified him to work with Velociraptors?  Does it matter?

*To be fair, I really, really want to know the answer to the last question. And I highly suggest this be the lead selling point for Navy recruiting.  Can’t you see it?  Join the Navy, we have Velociraptors

Admit it, if this were the recruiting poster you would join.
Admit it, if this were the recruiting poster you would join.

Does it have a crazy smart but ethically questionable scientist?  Check.

A villain who thinks he has a plan to save the world?  Check.

Romantic entanglements that are completely unnecessary? Check.

Looking at this, it seems to have a lot in common with the last Avengers movie, but with less robots and more teeth.

That being said, I do think this is a great addition to the Jurassic family because it knows exactly what the audience wants, what it is, and what it’s not.

The movie is set in the park JURASSIC WORLD, so this movie is like being on a ride in that park. It has no moral or ethical quandaries. It has nods to fans of the originals, a vintage t-shirt, the nostalgia of seeing some items from the original movie, and even has a book reference for us nerds that read them. It has a bigger, badder, dinosaur that has a super cool trait traits from the dino villains from THE LOST WORLD, the book sequel version that was not in the movie sequel. This made me very happy

Also, the term dino villain makes me happy.  Honestly, it’s the little things in life, right?

It wants to take you on a ride, blow shit up, and have a funny quip now and then

But see, that’s what had to be; anything else and we would have complained.


Am I right? Wrong?  Crazy?  All viable options so let me know!

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