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We’re all time travelers….

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s that time where we all promise to be better about something, or improve ourselves in some way, or make vows that we make with the best of intentions.  Since I am no different, I promise to be better about posting more regularly, improve my content (with your feedback, let me know what you might like or not like), and vow to keep this all up as long as I can 🙂

Last night  I yelled “Happy New Years!” at my sleeping husband, startled some cats, and got the dogs all excited because “Happy New Years” probably means something way more exciting in dog language than it does in ours.  After I calmed everyone down, answering my husband when he asked me why I woke him up, he then asked me why he was so sleepy.  Besides it being the combination of being startled awake, and having had the last of eggnog and whiskey for a nightcap, I told him that he was tired because he had just finished time traveling from one year to another. Is this crazy?  Possibly, but I love the idea of this so I’m sticking to it.

What does this have to do with theatre?  Nothing really other than last years Tony Awards teased us with this clip in June, and I feel like I’ve been patient enough already.  I mean, I traveled through time, so where is my MUSIC MAN featuring T.I., LL Cool J, and Hugh Jackman already?

We’ve all waited long enough for this, don’t you agree?

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