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Steven Wendt goes blue and talks abot THE BLUE MAN GROUP

You’ve all seen them at some point or another – THE BLUE MAN GROUP. Those guys all dressed alike, with bald heads, and faces painted blue and it’s have been the show people have been telling you to go see for years They may not speak, but their exciting and wildly creative show features comedy, music, paints, lights, and technology to make a truly outrageous and unforgettable experience. I caught up with one of the Blue men, Steven Wendt and spoke to him about what it’s like to be blue.

Steven Wendt, lives the life of a Blue Man for every performance on the road for its first U.S. theatrical tour. So as someone who lives this show how does he think it should be best experienced? ” From my own personal experience, seeing the show for the first time and not knowing anything, I think that is the best way to experience the show. Because then you are surprised when you see the show and you’re surprised by the feeling you have throughout the show. The show is flipped back on the audience and each person makes up their own meaning for the show. I let people see it and experience it because the show is really and experience.”

Have you gone Blue yet?
Have you gone Blue yet?

So what is it that he is hoping the audience leaves the theatre feeling? “I like when people leave feeling like they can do anything and be spontaneous and trust their impulses. Like last night, people were just screaming as we came out during meet and greets. We would wave our arm and the entire crowd would start shouting and it was funny because the crowd is shouting in the lobby of a theater. It’s funny, ” He says on a laugh. ” They had the impulse to do it and they went with it, each and everyone. So I like when people leave the show thinking they can trust their instincts and feel a stronger sense of community with other people.”

“It’s inherent, the Blue Men rely on each other so much to complete these tasks, and we bring the audience along with us for that experience. So the audience in itself is laughing and experiencing it together, and two strangers that sat down next to each other are nudging each other and laughing. It really does create a sense of community and understanding. You don’t have to be a theatre buff to get everything out of the show. That’s what I like the most about it.”

What is it like becoming “Bald and Blue” as they like to call it? “We go in early and glue this vinyl cap over our heads, hair and ears, and take an entire puck, it’s the size of a hockey puck, this blue makeup grease paint and smear it all over out head, neck, eyes, and nose. It’s our chance to transform as a person and allow the Blue Man character to come out. The first time you do it is really and experience, it really shocking to see yourself without hair, ears, and blue.”

To see Steven, and the other Blue Men, in THE BLUE MAN GROUP (and to have a theatrical experience that is like no other) while they are in San Diego at the San Diego Civic Theatre from Ocotber 3 – 4, 2014 go to for show and ticket information.

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