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Wondering what happened?

I’m sure that the question that is the mind of all eleven of my readers minds – where have I been?

I am sure you all noticed I disappeared, right?

Nevermind, don’t answer that, let me have my fantasy.

Sadly, I was in a car accident and besides having to drive a rental car that I hate (and still am/do) while my car is fixed, I was unfortunately injured and could not write. Quite literally could not write since I hurt my wrist and the docotor told me that to heal I could not write or type for weeks. This is distressing to me because how else am I supposed to get on the internet and look at ridicukous things if I can’t type??

Howevr, I was medicated due to these injuries which is what brings me to the subject of this post. When I am medicated, many people LOVE to talk to me because of all the random things I say. So for your entertainment, here are some of the conversations medicated me had over the last few weeks.
Between me and my husband

Me: Because Bo knows baseball!
Gary: Really? And what other sport does Bo know?
Me: Bo knows football!
Gary: And what is Bo’s last name?

Yep that happened.

Or whatever this was…

“Give me liberty or give me death”
Only kids from the 1770’s will get this
Like if you miss the 18th century

My meds may have kicked in….

or a totally unprovoked discussion in the middle of a text about witches and llamas

Me:How does a witch even come up with a potion to turn someone into a llama? That’s just silly
Friend: It is silly, but effective
Me: Not really. If you can put a potion in something then a llama potion just means he gets extra sarcastic and then comes back full of llama rage. No one wants that

I have pages of text chats with friends that are nothing but the randomness that medicated dme subjected them to over a short period of time.

But I’m better, and now we can go back to our regularly schedule programming of theatre related posts!

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