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Challenge Accepted! Where I make a foolish Culture Shock dance related decision

So Angie Bunch is a super awesome person who was a blast to talk to and you should all support her and Culture Shock by going to see them perform at the San Diego Fringe Festival and take a class or two at their studio. Which leads me to this (sort of) challenge that I have accepted. …


Angie, a trained dancer and somone who clearly can learn choreography and has coorindation, assures me that their Intro to Hip hop class is super fun and easy.  I feel like this is opptomistic since she has never seen me dance.

Angie assures me “There is nothing to be scared of.  And Ricky is a 6′ 3′ big huge kind of football looking player and he’s good fun.  You look at him and you might be intimidated but not for dance, he is hilarious.  It’s based on basic repetitive movements.  It’s a learned skill, it’s like every other sport.”

So ……challenge accepted!  I  (hopefully can manage basic repetitive movements) shall take this intro to hip hop class (in August when I can schedule it) and I will let her and you how it goes.  So this will be fun – if not completely embarassing.

Interested in going to a class yourself?  Check out the schedule at



1 thought on “Challenge Accepted! Where I make a foolish Culture Shock dance related decision

  1. All the LOLs for this. Perhaps you should take the same opportunity to get into vlogging? I’m going to need more proof than static pictures of this. 🙂

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