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Going through HIMYM withdrawals?

If you don’t know what that means then I think you may not have heard that HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER has ended.  And in the last seconds of the finale the interweb blew up with commentary, as they do.

But this is not about that commentary or the finale. This is a brief post to help those of you who were fans, ease the pain of their loss.  And so I present- Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel singing “Confrontation” from LES MIS while on IN THE ACTORS STUDIO.


And if any of you still want something on the finale of HIMYM here are my 2 cents:  the show was entertaining, we hung out with them on Monday nights, were invested in their stories, and loved them as we do our friends.  In the end this show made us laugh, it made us cry (especially that final scene with NPH and the baby.  If you didn’t cry you have no soul), and it made us think.  Some people loved it, some hated it, but in the end if it makes people care about storytelling, character arcs, continuity, and made you think, then it did more than just entertain, it made good tv.

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