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Twitter + Spring Awakening + Cygnet Theatre = an evening not to be missed!

Kids these days, they don’t know how good they have it, right?  It used to be that you had to carry a quarter if you wanted to make a phone call, if someone wanted to get a hold of you they might have to call your pager and wait for you to find a phone so you could call back, and if you wanted internet then you had to wait for that screech as the modem connected from your pc at home (after walking up hill in the snow both ways to your destination).  Now the phone in their pocket does all of those things and more and they still have time to defeat the latest level of whatever game they are playing this week.

Now the most oppression they have is when they go to a theatre and are told to turn off their cell hones for the duration of the show.  But now, even this rule is going away!

The Cygnet Theatre is combining their CygNext: Under 30 Club night, where people under 30 can get discount tickets to see SPRING AWAKENING this Friday, April 11th, with a Tweet Night.  If you get the specially designated seats for this show, then you have the opportunity…nay, the right, to ignore the warning to turn off your cell phone and type through out the show.

Look at how happy tweeting makes them.  You could be this happy too!!!
Look at how happy tweeting makes them. You could be this happy too!!!

So now you don’t have to fight your social media addiction, you can embrace it, along with the rest of your theatre loving generation! To sweeten the pot, Cygnet is even adding in a social mixer after the show where you can get happy hour priced drinks and you can hang out with the cast!

What better way to watch a show about rebellious and boundary pushing youth then being one yourself? And if you technically no longer count as a youth, then regain that former youthful glow – everyone looks younger by the light of a cell phone!

So to recap: you can tweet from your seats, meet the cast, get discounted drinks, and be surrounded by like minded social media minded people who happen to love theatre. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

Make sure you have your twitter hashtag at the ready! #ctspringawakening

Go to to get your tickets or call 619-337-1525

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