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Updated! There’s no freeze on creativity this winter…

Now updated with ANOTHER cool Frozen video! This one featuresJosh Gad, Jonathon Groff, and Kristen Bell as they try to explain how they made the film!

You know it, I know it, I doubt there is anyone in the world who does not know something, a line, a lyric, or a melody from the hit Disney musical FROZEN.  Now it is jam packed with Broadway veterans- Idina Menzel has wowed audiences in RENT, as Elpheba in WICKED, and now she can add being Else in frozen to her resume.  Josh Gad from BOOK OF MORMON is Olaf the snowman who dreams of summer, Santino Fontana has been a dream Prince in the Broadway hit CINDERELLA, but in FROZEN he is a Prince that is might be more of a nightmare.   Jonathon Groff is Kristoff, a nice guy who knows ice, but may need to talk to actual people more than to his reindeer Sven.  Kristen Bell rounds out the cast as Anna, the other Princess of Arendelle, who longs to know her sister Elsa better.

Clearly the snow and ice is not limited to the polar vortex this winter the way this movie is still going strong.  So I thought I would share a few of the best videos that I have seen that were made by people that were clearly inspired by the movie, or at least by the fact that they hear it a million times a day thanks to their kids.

Clearly this man had creative tendencies that the traffic report was just not helping him express. While I love that he was able to create something that was both practical advice and fit the song, this next video is just a stunning version of the song in a unique way.

I think this is a beautiful version and I love the kids that make appearances as as characters!

Hopefully these versions get added to the (probably never ending loop, am I right?) playlist of yours.

And if at the end of the day you can’t get over the fact that it’s taking over the world?  Just Let It Go 🙂

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