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PSYCH cast talks musical episode and whats next on the theatre horizon!

Better late than never, right?

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: USA Network

At Comic Con I got a chance to sit down with the cast of PSYCH, who are just as awesome as they seem in television.

James Roday may be everyone’s favorite fake psychic detective but he also is a director and co-owner of Red Dog Squadron, a theatre company based in LA. Dulé Hill is no stranger to stage and screen either, having last performed on Broadway in “Stick Fly”. So with their performing credentials, did they have any trepidation about the upcoming musical episode of “Psych”?

“I didn’t. I’m always happy to sing, “ Said James, “ and I figured that he (Dulé) would shoulder the load as far as dancing went. So I was game I think we all were.”

Dulé is quick to point out that “He (James) didn’t need my help dancing. He knocked it out. I think that about dance is making it your own. He didn’t try to become Mikhail Baryshnikov. So he made it his own and did a great job.”

Being known for being a creative and quirky show can bring challenges when fans has expectations of their own. Was there any challenge to top what had been done in previsous episodes?

“I think we always give ourselves a challenge to top what we have done in previous seasons.,” Sys Dulé. “You have to keep trying to raise it higher and higher. Sometimes you’ll knock it out and other times you’ll trip and fall but you have to at least go for it.”

From the rave reviews by people that were lucky enough to see the musical episode at the sneak peek at Comic Con, it seems like this one may be another challenge they have accepted and succeeded in achieving.

What about seeing them in theatre anytime soon?

“I think it is very possible to get back on stage.”, Dulé says. “I love being on stage. Any time I have a chance to be on stage I jump on it. “

What about James? “I would say yes to that one. “ he says, with a grin and no more information!

It has since been announced that Dulé will next be seen on Broadway joining Fantasia Barrino in “After Midnight”. This musical celebration of Duke Ellington’s years at Harlem’s famed Cotton Club will begin performances at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on October 18, with an official opening set for November 3.

The musical episode of “Psych” airs December 15, 2013 on USA Network.  Since I was not one of the lucky individuals that got in to the screening at Comic Con, I can’t wait!

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