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Tom Lenk’s nerd worlds collide as theatre meets Comic Con in San Diego

Tom Lenk is a stage and screen actor that you all may know from his characters on popular television shows BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL or from his stint on Broadway as Franz in ROCK OF AGES.  His new project allows him to blend his film and stage experience as he helps bring 30 Minute Musicals to life on stage!

Based on popular movies, this troupe has done six original musical theatre adaptations of cult-classic and blockbuster films (SHOWGIRLS, JURASSI PARK, TOP GUN, TEEN WITCH, HOME ALONE and GHOSTBUSTERS), and received a “Best Musical” nomination at the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival!

This opportunity came to him through the usual way…with a little help from his friends.. “I’m friends with the folks who run it, Tom Detrinis and Brooke Seguin.  They came up with this 30 minute musical thing and decided they wanted to do it on a regular basis.  The first one I got involved with is Jurassic Park.  So basically it friends asking me ‘Hey will you come do this thing?’

What I love about them it that their whole thing is that their whole thing is, in LA, so many people spend years on working the one thing and perfecting it…but they’re all about putting up the next show and a couple months later moving on to the next one.  And now they kind of have this residency at the Celebration Theatre in West Hollywood where they are the late night show after the main ‘serious’ show in the space.  They are constantly churning out hilarious movies to make fun of.”

One of the things that appeals to Tom the most about this group is this is a fun theatre experience where they can be as creative and try whatever they want during a performance.  “It’s sort of a little taste of NY theatre in LA.  Like when you go after, your main event in the evening and go to a little cabaret or something in NY.  This is kid of the same thing.  You’re not paying $150 for a musical.  You’re having fun and doing a late night thing.  Go down and see a late night show at Joe’s Pub.

That’s what I love about it.  I loved doing Rock of Ages in NY, but its such a large scale and so many things go into it.  But on our shows I know that we are going to have fun and it’s loose and no pressure, no stakes.  There’s no worry, will the scenery fly in and hope my mics work.  Cause we have no scenery or mics.”, he laughs.

A self-proclaimed theatre nerd at heart, Tom is excited to come to Comic Con and do the show here. “We’re excited to go to comic con and we have a lot of friends down there.  It’s funny that these worlds are colliding.  My theater nerd world and my comic friend world are colliding…That’s the thing that I was nerdy about, was theatre.  I wasn’t as much into the comic book stuff.  So it’s fun to see, there are people that are into that that are also theatre nerds like me. So it’s fun to see people geeking out.”

While 30 Minute Musicals is a labor of love, Tom is excited to be a part of this troupe because ultimately is “Something for yourself and isn’t necessarily for the big paycheck.  I find the best things are done for yourself or start as a small project and become a big thing.”

One example of that, his latest cinematic venture, this summers MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, directed by Comic Con favorite Joss Whedon.  “I forget that that’s another thing that is an example of something that started out as a thing that Joss was doing for himself, for his own enjoyment, through these backyard Shakespeare readings.  And who knew that would turn into a movie with those leads that read those roles in his backyard?”

So who knows what 30 Minute Musicals may turn into?  “I think that Tom and Brooke, the leaders of our troupe have big dreams.  So people should get into the ground floor while we’re in our developing stages.  We may go on tour, who knows?”

I certainly hope they do!

If you want to see Tom and the rest of the 30 Minute Musicals gang perform, it is one night only in San Diego for Comic Con!  30 Minute Musicals presents JURASSIC PARK Directed by Brooke Seguin.
Starring: Tom Lenk, Sandeep Parikh, Tara Perry, Brooke Seguin, Tommy Hobson, Michael Bernardi, Tom Detrinis, Tania Possick, Greg Lynch, Leslie Marrero, Jim Hanna, and Lindsay Wray

Don’t miss it!  July 18th, 6;00pm at the Horton Grand Theatre ,444 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101.
Ticket prices are $25 at the door and $20 in advance through: Jurassic Park Tickets:

  I bet velociraptors are great tap dancers....
I bet velociraptors are great tap dancers….

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