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Conversation segues are important

I was wandering the aisles, trying to decide if I should be a responsible adult and get real food for dinner or not (FYI: real food lost) when I overheard this conversation between a guy and a girl.

Guy:  Guys and girls are just different you know?  Like….I’ll give you an example.  Have you ever heard of cuttlefish?

Girl: Uh..

Guy: (talking over her confusion) Cuttlefish as these small like…squid things.  And there are the big burly ones, which are the guys.  The littler ones are the girl cuttlefish.  But there are some smaller cuttlefish that are smaller than the burly guys.  So the smaller guys join the females that are flocking around the big guys, so the smaller guys join the girls and start acting all feminine.  And by befriending the girls by acting girly, they have a better chance of passing on their DNA.  Get my point?

Girl: No

Guy: Did you know that with one teaspoon of syrup you can make a bomb?

Girl: Um…ok.

(Reminder they are in an aisle of the grocery store.  I am desperately holding on to a box of crackers.  A FASCINATING box of crackers, because I keep pretending to read it to hear the rest of this conversation.)

Girl: So, I really want to lose weight, but I think I need a focus.  Something that can help me, like a guide on what to eat.  You know?

Guy: Just go on the Internet and type in your height and ideal weight.  It will tell you what to do.

Girl: But it will all be different info, so how do I know which one to do?

Guy: No, everything that comes up will say the same thing.  So just look it up, easy!

At this point they walked away and she seemed more confused than ever.  I would love to know what prompted his cuttlefish story.  But I think segues aren’t his strong suit either way.

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