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I love them back

In the last post I showed you how much my former co-workers loved me.  I t was beautiful and touching and I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t let a moment pass without expressing to them how much I loved them as well.

I just used the ammo they gave me, all those packing peanuts 🙂

I made sure that I didn’t let one stray peanut out, so when they walked into the office they saw a nice, normal and neat office.

This cubicle belonged to someone who I KNOW without a doubt enjoyed pranking me, so I made his extra special by hitting every drawer, file, cup, shoe or container I could find.


I am sure this cubicle owner as irritated cause she is incredibly neat.  Which is fine, all of her stuff is still where she left it. Now it is just covered in a protective layer of peanuts.

The next two pictures are of the desk of the VP.  I worked as her assistant for years and knew she loved these pranks from her former place of employment.

I am touched she loved me enough to put this much work into torturing me and I wanted to reciprocate that feeling to her.

A Filing cabinet with extra room?  How convenient, I have something to fill it with!

This is another desk of someone who is super organized, the peanuts were a lovely and appreciated surprise for her I am sure.

She had sooo many drawers….

Just so many

My favorite part was the response to this was a declaration of upping the ante on pranks.  Mutually assured destruction, thats what all good friendships are built upon.

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